Think Outside the Basket: Creative Easter Gift Ideas

In addition to the fun family traditions and bunny-themed snacks, one of the best parts about being a kid during Easter is receiving festive Easter baskets overflowing with fun toys and treats. This year, we challenge you to think outside the basket when gifting, and we’re here to help!

Here are six of our favorite Easter gift assortments that feel like an Easter basket, but are housed in new and fun ways!

Easter Mailbox

Check your mailbox and we’re sure you’ll find something very eggciting awaiting you! That is – if you happen to have one of these fun personalized Easter Mailboxes, of course! Each metal mailbox comes with a hoppin bunny ready to serve you his accompanying treats.


Bunny Ear Pouches

These Bunny Ear Pouches are the perfect Easter gift for any bunny! This trio can be gifted to one special someone or broken up into three separate gifts – each filled with an assortment of hoppin’ goodies sure to satisfy their sweet tooth.


Polka Dot Egg Tins

If bunny ears aren’t your thing, but you love the idea of a gift trio, these simple yet chic Polka Dot Egg Tins might just do the trick. After the treats have been devoured, your recipient can reuse the tins to store their favorite Easter photos and memories!


Doodle Egg Activity Kit

For an extra special Easter recipient, this Doodle Egg Activity Kit is the perfect assortment. Each box is adorned with festive activities and comes equipped with colored markers for ultimate festive fun. This is the perfect way to get the little ones into the spirit (or keep them busy while the adults catch up)!


Drawstring Chick Tote

Sweet tweet alert! This adorable Drawstring Chick Tote is filled with plenty of snacks and treats to keep your recipient satisfied – whether they are an adorable little chick or full grown chicken.


Drawstring Lamb Tote

If the chick’s simply not cute enough for you (is that even possible?), this adorabaahle Drawstring Lamb Tote is sure to be. After Easter, reuse the tote to as a lunch or snack sack!


Last-Minute DIY St. Patrick’s Day Serving Tray!

Planning a festive St. Patrick’s Day bash? Present your festive sweets and eats in a new and creative way with a DIY Serving Tray! Using materials you most likely already have at home, you too can recreate this fun idea.

And when it’s completed? Serve your Sour Green Apple popcorn and Rainbow popcorn for a Leprechaun-approved spread!

Go Green with These St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

Looking for the perfect way to get the kids into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit? Let them in on the fun with green St. Patrick’s Day crafts! We love these two ideas pictured below – the DIY cocktail stirrers and of course, the fun and festive leprechaun hat (filled with St. Patrick’s Day popcorn, of course).

green-st-patricks-day-crafts-for-kids copy

Get the how-to for these fun crafts here. How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the entire family? Share with us below in the comments section!

Valentine’s Day Movie Night Ideas

There’s nothing more romantic than spending an evening cuddling up to your special someone taking in a classic movie about love. Since Valentine’s Day this year is on a Saturday, you can make the entire day staying warm with your loved one, indulging in snacks and enjoying some classics.

Start with the movie selection – will the two of you prefer a more recent rom-com like Silver Linings Playbook or something a bit more classic such as When Harry Met Sally? No matter what you prefer, the research has already been done for you! put together this list of the best romantic comedies from the past century – starting from the 1930s all the way into our current decade. Pick a few from each to spice things up!

Next on the list: snacks. You already know what we’re going to say – a movie night calls for popcorn! We love the idea of getting creative with the popcorn tin like did here. They not only decorated one of our red popcorn tins with gold foil hearts, but also used the underside of the cover to play tic-tac-toe. Chic, simple, and SWEET!

Simple & Sweet DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day? The festive snacks! Show off your favorite Valentine’s Day treats in a festive DIY treat bag. This handmade bag is so easy to recreate – each bag takes about 1-2 minutes.

These treat bags sport a stylish transparent heart, making our red & white Valentine’s Day popcorn the perfect touch, but you can fill these with whatever bite-sized goodies you prefer.


Supplies for DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

White paper bags
Scissors OR Exacto Knife
Festive tape
Clear snack bags

Directions for DIY Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Start by either drawing or tracing a heart shape on the lower-middle part of your paper bag. When choosing the placement, make sure you will have enough room at the top to fold it over an inch or two at the end.


Then, use your scissors or exacto knife to cut out the shape. An exacto knife is more accurate if you are familiar with using it, but scissors will do the job as well. You want the heart shape to be cut out of both the front and the back of the bag.


Use your marker to write a fun message. Since we filled our with popcorn, we put a punny spin on it by writing, “You Make my <3 Pop!”


Now, the hard part is done! All you need to do now is fill your clear treat bags with your treats, place the clear bag inside the paper treat bags and seal! (This is where our red and white popcorn really came in handy). We used festive red and white washi tape to get the job done, but if you don’t have that laying around, feel free to use any kind of tape you do have.

Lovely Valentine’s Day Treat Idea: Strawberries and Cream Sweetheart Popcorn Bars

It’s no secret we at The Popcorn Factory LOVE popcorn. That’s why when we found the recipe for these Strawberries and Cream Sweetheart Popcorn Bars from , we just knew we had to try it for Valentine’s Day!

Using our Strawberry & Vanilla Cream popcorn flavors, some chocolate, marshmallow cream and of course – love, they created a delicious treat that’s perfect for lovebugs of all ages. Get the entire recipe here.

Last-Minute Super Bowl Watch Party Décor: DIY Football Snack Cones

diy-football-snack-conesAside from the actual game, the most important part of any football watch party is the snack spread! Add a festive touch to yours by adding a football-twist on your serve ware.

Using items we already had around the home, we created these DIY football snack cones which are the perfect way to enjoy the ultimate football snack – popcorn! Since this DIY project uses found items from around the home, it’s the perfect last-minute way to add an extra festive touch to your football festivities. So pick your favorite popcorn flavor (we went with kickin’ jalapeno), whip up these easy cones and get ready to watch some football!

Supplies for DIY Football Snack Cones

Brown Cardstock
White-out or white paint pen
Hot Glue Gun

Directions for DIY Football Snack Cones

Begin by twisting your sheet of cardstock into a cone shape. Trim the end that wraps back around to the front and apply hot glue on the end. Hold down 4-5 seconds to secure.


Once fully secured and dried, use your white-out or paint pen to paint the football lines on your cones.


Fill with desired snack and enjoy!

Turn Your Empty Holiday Popcorn Tins Into Storage Treasures

Your friends and family members know you just love The Popcorn Factory popcorn, so it should come as no surprise that they send you this poppin’ gift during the holidays. But just what can you do with the tins after you’ve crunched on that final kernel? Our first suggestion of course is to eat more popcorn! We offer popcorn tin refill bags filled with the classic 3 flavors.

Alternatively, you can turn your empty popcorn tin into a creative & chic storage with a few simple steps! shared this creative DIY popcorn tin upcycle which uses just a few basic supplies to turn an empty tin into storage treasure.

Get the full how-to here. What will you fill your new storage tin with? Let us know in the comments!

Add Some POP With These Flavored Popcorn Salt Recipes

The perfect recipe for a light and savory treat you can indulge in every day?

Start off with one of your favorite “basic” popcorn flavors – such as butter popcorn or our sea salt slim popcorn, then drizzle a spoonful of popcorn salts on top! came up with a series of DIY popcorn salt recipes to satisfy every palate – from bacon parmesan to buffalo ranch to chocolate wine!

How to Have the Ultimate Holiday Movie Night

The month of December means several things – family reunions, winter treats like peppermint and eggnog, and holiday traditions. One of our favorite traditions during the winter is hosting a holiday movie night with our family members and neighbors.

Keep in mind, there’s so much more to movie night than just picking a good holiday movie – so we’ve put together this list of tips and ideas to ensure you’ll have THE holiday movie night of the season!

Choose the Movie

While it’s not the only important factor, picking the right movie for your crowd is a delicate art. Do you go with a classic film that tugs at the heart strings and appeals to an audience of all ages? Or do you go with an animated flick the little ones will love giving the adults time to snack and schmooze? has cut your work in half by putting together a definitive list of the top 10 Christmas movies of all time – are your favorites in the list? If not, let us know in the comments what movie YOU would add or get rid of!

“Deck the Halls”

Decorate in loud, vibrant colors that will entice both the young and the young at heart. Get inspired with these holiday and Christmas decorating ideas from – from DIY ideas to color inspiration, you’ll find the tools you need to take your event to the next level.

Alternatively, you can keep it simple by adding subtle, sporadic elements inspired by the chosen movie. Playing a movie with Santa or Rudolf? Whip up a simple DIY Reindeer Wreath like the one pictured above!

Celebrate With Snacks

Keep your guests fueled for the night’s antics with the age-old movie night snack pairing: popcorn. Of course, you know just where to turn to for your movie night popcorn needs!

If it’s just family, grab a few popcorn scoopers and place your favorite popcorn tin in the center for all to enjoy. If your movie night has been extended to include friends and neighbors, serve them in fun ways such as in cocktail glasses or cellophane bags with a fun tag attached!

Poppin’ Fun With Activities

How can you take your holiday movie night above and beyond? With activities paired with your movie pick! We love this roundup of 12 family activities paired with classic Christmas flicks from Will you play pranks like Kevin McCallister or celebrate Ralphie Parker’s infamous bunny suit by snacking out of bunny cups? The possibilities are endless!

What elements will you incorporate into your holiday movie night? Let us know in the comments!