St. Patrick’s Day Green Popcorn Party! 3 popcorn prizes!

St. Patrick's Day Green Popcorn
St. Patrick’s Day Green Popcorn

Welcome to The Popcorn Factory’s  St. Patrick’s Day Green Popcorn Party!

Pictured to your left is our delicious St. Patrick’s Day Green Butter Popcorn.

In about a paragraph or two, let us know how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and how a delicious snack like this would fit into your celebrations!

We’ll pick 3 random winners!



Winner Status:
Surprise “1st Post” Winner) Katy Stahlman on February 27th, 2011 @ 4:48 pm
Winner #1) Natalie on March 3rd, 2011 @ 7:20 pm
Winner #2) Tara Lamb on February 27th, 2011 @ 4:50 pm
Winner #3) karen ferguson on February 28th, 2011 @ 7:06 am

Go Green Popcorn! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

53 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Green Popcorn Party! 3 popcorn prizes!

  1. I Celbrate St. Patricks Day by going to my local parade and eating corn beef and cabbage. I would eat the popcorn while I was watching the parade.

  2. This would go great with my party plans… gotta go green even with the popcorn and your popcorn is the best I’ve ever had!! ; )

  3. Since first getting The Popcorn Factory, my children have forbidden me to get popcorn anywhere else (I am inclined to agree with them!) so why wouldn’t we make every eventful day a Popcorn Factory associated day with it? We are decorating with our shamrocks and eating with our green dinnerware to prepare for anticipation of the greenest day of the year! Adding the tastiest treat we can think of-and in green!-will only make this St. Patrick’s Day the best and tastiest yet!!! I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful new tradition 🙂

  4. will enjoy it with my kids and gf. 2 of the kids love popcorn to the point we have it almost every night

  5. I’m far beyond the “green beer” phase .. and as a mom of 3, green popcorn, brownies with green sprinkles, and sprite (with a scoop of lime sherbet) while watching cartoons with my kids in the evening would be a GREAT way to celebrate!! Tasty and fun!!

  6. This would be so awesome!I plan on having a celebration at home with a few close friends.Your popcorn is the best there is and this would only make our night of fun the tastiest St Patrick’s party ever!

  7. This would be great since I will be celebrating St Patrick’s day with my family. Since we all love popcorn, having green popcorn would make it extra special

  8. Would love some green popcorn to go with green beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Oh and gotta have some corned beef and cabbage…yummy!

  9. Green Beer … Green Beer … Green Beer …need I say more??? … and what goes the best w/green beer you ask? … well GREEN POPCORN FACTORY POPCORN … yours IS the BEST!!! … I can taste it now … YUMMMMM … excuse me … I’ve just gotten saliva all over my keyboard! 🙂

  10. I love St Patricks Day I start the morning off by throwing my corned Beef in the crockpot by mid day its time to add the cabbage and its perfect by evening time for dinner. As a family we eat dinner and watch movies while eating popcorn and other snacks that the kids can make be it cookies or pudding.
    While St Patricks day is celebrated in our home, we stay together for the day and enjoy just being a family.

  11. I used to go to a local St Patricks Day Parade in town it is a pretty big one. Now I usually watch on tv since my husband doesn’t care for parades. I always have a green shirt and eyeliner on 🙂 It is also my Father in laws birthday and my grandpa’s birthday (he has passed) I would share the green popcorn with my mom in celebration to her dad.

  12. we go to our local St Patricks Day Parade and for Dinner its corned beef and cabbage.
    The Kids (and us of course ) would be thrilled eating St. Patrick’s Day Green Popcorn 🙂

  13. We have a neighborhood gathering for St. Patty’s Day…everyone wears green and brings a “green” dish. This would be a GREAT addition….never thought about green popcorn before!! LOL

  14. My 3 kids wake up St. Patrick’s Day morning and run around the house looking for “gold coins” that the leprechauns left and also search the house to see what mischief they (leprechauns) had created like tipped chairs etc. Then it’s green bagels for breakfast and the green theme continues from there… popcorn would be a great addition!!

  15. We are part Irish and we love your popcorn! So what better way to celebrate than with your yummy green popcorn!

    Sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  16. We start the day with green eggs and ham, at lunch we have green hash yes green! then we always have Corn beef and Cabage so I have to say this would be wonderful and perfect as we never are able to find a dessert!

  17. I will be celebrating St. Patrick’s day by listening to Celtic music, enjoying a bowl of Corn Beef and Cabbage and viewing the local parade on TV. The green popcorn would be a great snack during the parade.

    sflickinger at rocketmail dot com

  18. *sighs* this is the year of me going vegetarian so it will be the first ever st paddy’s day, in my entire life, that i wont be eating corned beef! really, i think the only thing that could keep me going, during my period of transition, would be the presence of a big bowl of St. Patrick’s Day Green Butter Popcorn to console me! i even think the leprechauns my da used to tell me visited every year, once we kids were in bed, would enjoy a wee snack of popcorn, if i leave it out!

    ps…my da was from county claire and he would have approved this post if he’d read it!

  19. We go all out for St. Patrick’s Day at our house. We always decorate the house with lots of shamrock and leprechans. We all wear green, to avoid any pinches, of course. We start our evening with Celtic music while enjoying a green beer for the adults and green milk for the kids. Followed by a traditional corned beef and cabbage meal, complete with mash and Irish Soda bread. We would sure enjoy a bowl of your St. Patrick’s Day Green Buttered Popcorn while watching a movie filmed in Ireland. (Such a beautiful country, we were fortunate enough to have visited Ireland four years ago. I highly recommend going if you ever get the chance.)

  20. We wear our “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirts. Watch the parade and have green food all day long. It’s amazing what a little bit of green food coloring can do! Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone.

  21. Well, green is for the lucky and I’m a lucky girl…so , I want some lucky popcorn.

  22. I plan to go to a parade. This popcorn would be the best snack. I love the Popcorn factory!!

  23. Since St. Patrick’s Day is also my daughter’s birthday it is an extra special celebration for us. We get together at one of the family’s homes and all wear green and we each try to find something to add to the wearing of the green like silly shamrock glasses, pins, hats, or shamrock antennas. We have a green foods potluck, so The Popcorn Factory green popcorn would be a yummy addition to our double celebration!

  24. I celebrate St Patricks day by getting up and putting my Green stuff on, and for Lunch and dinner I eat Corned Beef and Potatos. I would love to have Green popcorn to add to my day this year. I think I would make at an every year tradition. LOVE LOVE LOVE your popcorn

  25. We dont really celebrate the holiday other than just a family dinner and maybe a movie. We may wear green!! As a child my mom always colored her hair green and make a corned beef and cabbage meal! Thats not for me!!! Green popcorn would go great with a family movie!!

  26. We may go to the local parade but thats about it. Maybe a family game night, which would be perfect a some fresh Popcorn Factory popcorn!

  27. If it’s a nice day we’ll go to the park and enjoy the day with friends and family..after the park it’s movie night with some popcorn from popcorn factory!!

  28. I like to see the river in Chicago that they dye green for the festivities! And probably drink some nice delicious green beer! Green popcorn would be a delicious snack to go along with that.

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  30. We celebrate with beef and cabbage, and a local parade. All that plus Green popcorn would make for a perfect St Pattys Day!! GO POPCORN!!

  31. Well said, such a person should be a good sentence, or the future will be more rampant.will be happy to be proved wrong with this I have to admit to a raised eyebrow with this as well.

  32. i just wanted in the direction of tell you that for several reason this post doesn’t seem on the way to work in internet explorer

  33. My sister was born on St Patrick’s Day, and though we are not Irish, she has always added the Irish Green Theme to her Birthday Celebrations. In these last few years of poor economy, it is more difficult to afford celebrations, yet especially important. I would add the Popcorn Factory Green Popcorn to her Birthday Celebration!!!! Happy Birthday, Sis!

  34. I would love some green popcorn. sounds cool. I could string some popcorn and make a necklace and then eat it. Thats how I’m gonna celebrate this day.

  35. I go to the bars and drink green beer and that green popcorn would make everyone turn green with envy.

  36. I usually make a roast or beef stew. we all wear green and try to have a good time. I have three kiddos, so we keep it pretty tame (thought we do sneak in a couple of green beers.)

  37. I bake cakes, cupcakes and what ever else my clients need. I make a popcorn topped cupcake, drizzled with sea salt and caramel. This could definitely “1 up” my St. Patty’s Day offerings to have Green Popcorn on top and maybe add a Gold Chocolate coin with it!

  38. I’m not Irish American, but love to celebrate St. Patty’s Day just the same! Our family likes to have corned beef and cabbage, and this year I may go to our area’s first annual Irish Film Festival. The popcorn would make this all especially fun! Thanks!

  39. My aunt own an irish pub…so every year the men of the family paint their chests green and and drink green bear while eating beef and cabbage YUM! The ladies dress up in irish garb and dance a jig! This green popcorn would be the talk of our celebration!

  40. We don’t usually celebrate it much, but my younger kids do in school, so they would love to add green popcorn to it. They would be the envy of their classes with green popcorn for their snacks!

  41. My kids always make leprechaun traps in hope of catching one of the wee folk! They haven’t caught one yet, but the leprechauns usually leave some kind of goodies behind. Green popcorn would be an awesome surprise! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  42. Oh my gosh…we haven’t really celebrated St Patty’s Day for years…probably not since we had kids. I think it’s about time we started celebrating it again…and your green popcorn would be a great way to do that!

  43. To start things off, I wear green of course! My mom usually cooks corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes, and bakes the traditional white Irish soda bread. Her parents were from Ireland, but a corned beef dinner doesn’t really have it’s roots from Ireland. Just something we Irish-Americans came up with, but I look forward to it every year.

    St. Patrick’s day is fun in preschool. The leprechaun “visits” the previous night and leaves his pot of gold chocolate coins for the children.

  44. Every year for St. Patrick’s Day, we go over to my mom’s house. She makes the most incredible Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner. We finish off with green beer for adults and green river for the kids.

  45. Every year we make homemade corned beef and cabbage. And after a nice dinner we sit down and watch Darby O’Gill and the little people. And if the mood strikes there is a festive pistachio pudding cake and coffee with Irish cream creamer.

  46. My whole family gets together for a St. Patty’s Day Party!! We go all out… GREEEN everything!!! Drinks, food, desserts.. but my family would be totally suprised with the GREEN POPCORN!! Guaranteed you would be selling these like crazy from my family!!

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