Popcorn Balls Bash – 3 popcorn prizes!

Popcorn Pals Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Pals Popcorn Balls

The Popcorn Factory is throwing a “Popcorn Balls Bash” party right here on our Popcorn Factory Blog! ! What we love most about popcorn balls is that they bring the family together with something fun to eat and enjoy. We will be giving away 3 prizes!!  The prize as you can imagine is the Popcorn Pals Popcorn Balls :) We will pick the winnners at random.

In about a paragraph or two, tell us about your memories with Popcorn Balls and your family through the years. As you can imagine all of us here at The Popcorn Factory are big Popcorn Ball fans, so we absolutely love to read these memories. All of us here made popcorn balls as kids – it’s on the application form 😉 – so now that we are all grown up we pour that passion and those fond memories into gifts like popcorn balls. So let’s hear that paragraph or two about memories with Popcorn Balls and your family through the years and we’ll pick 3 oh-so-lucky winners!

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Winner Status:

Suprise “1st Poster” Winner: Patricia (Post #1 on December 2nd, 2010 @ 4:26 pm)

Winner #1: KLH (Post #69 on December 4th, 2010 @ 5:43 pm

Winner #2: Tina (Post #8 on December 2nd, 2010 @ 4:41 pm)

Winner #3: Megan (Post #50 on December 3rd, 2010 @ 10:11 pm)

Gooooooooooo Popcorn!

432 thoughts on “Popcorn Balls Bash – 3 popcorn prizes!

  1. Popcorn balls were always a special treat when I was growing up. They were always homemade. It’s something I like to do with my grandchildren now. We spend a day making them and then enjoying them while watching Christmas movies. Any leftover popcorn was strung for the tree.

  2. I would LOEV this my daughter is 16 months old and loves to help mommy in the kitchen and this would be something we could do together! My greatgrandma used to make popcorn balls and it brings back so many memorys!

  3. My mom and myself are making pocorn balls tonight. Just like the rice crispy treats, I’m sure they too will be delicous.

  4. We could decorate these together,is what i meant in the above status,lol.type to fast for my own good these days :]

  5. Growing up my great uncle grew popcorn and gave it to my grandma so we popped fresh homegrown popcorn and made balls of every shape size and color it was such an amazing time I did this with my kids for years and hope to pass on the tradition to my grandchildren

  6. I love to make Popcorn balls for treats to go to school!! We add al kinds of fun little treats in the balls, but M & M’s are the fave!!! I love watching the kids all walking arounf with the balls trying to put the whole thing in there mouth, they always think they can eat it in one bite. That makes the best photo’s and memories!!!

  7. I would love to win these to share with my family on christmas this year!!! We always make treats to trade and these look like they would be the hit of the party!

  8. I would have loved it if my mother made these! The only time I’ve ever had them was during Halloween, do you believe that? Back before it became a bad idea to accept homemade things in your Halloween bag, many people used to give them out as your treat. It was the one treat I looked forward to every year! My mother also loved them, so we would share the ones I got. If I only got one, we would take turns eating it like an apple together.

  9. Popcorn balls were always at our family christmas party. My Dad and my Sister and Brother would go over to My Uncle Bobs house for the family Christmas party. My two Aunts Noreeen and Mary Kay and all of our cousins would be over there. All the adults would bring gifts for us kids. They also brought gifts to exchange with each other. my aunt would always bring a bag with different kinds of things in it like tea or coffee. They also would put Popcorn balls in the bag. I have always loved Popcorn so I would sneak in the bag and see if any was there. If so I would sneak off some where with the Popcorn ball and eat it. I did not want my Sister or Brother to see me or they would ask to share with me and I sure did not want to do that.

  10. I remember making popcorn balls with my mother when I was younger. We would make them together and I would eat them while hiding in my closet. I just loved them.

  11. I remember one house at Halloween always giving out homemade popcorn balls- they would wrap them up in different colors of cellophane and tie on both ends, so they ended up looking like giant pieces of candy, lol…You had to go to that house first-it was always so crowded, and they would run out quick…I learned that lesson the hard way :(

  12. I learned the hard way not to bite into popcorn balls that have been sitting in the car overnight without letting them warm to room temp. I didn’t do any permanent damage, just a very sore mouth and hurt pride (my brother laughed for a good five minutes straight). Hasn’t stopped my love for them, though! :)

  13. One day when my children were small and my husband was home from work (a weekend I think), I decided to sneak out of the house early to do some Christmas shopping. I came home and learned my girls had decided to make a popcorn ball out of their little brother while he was sleeping. They carefully placed popcorn all over him. I guess because it was so light, he never felt it. My husband looked in to check on him and there he was covered from head to toe! Haven’t thought about that in 40+ years, thanks for the memories!!

  14. I loved it when my brother and I would take turns making popcorn balls. We would decorate them with candies and mints. They were so tasty. I would love to do that again.

  15. Popcorn balls were an activity that would pull the family together. Mom,dad and sister,and family pets lol would excitedly gather in the kitchen to share in the prepping of this recipe. I hope to share this memory with my daughters. This brings back happy holiday memories for me. ;))

  16. I always remember making popcorn balls with my brother and dad around Christmas Time. I remember they were really easy to make and took forever to eat. That was ok though. :) We would finish up with sticky hands and lots of laughter. Fond memories!

  17. I remember making popcorn balls as a kid. We would decorate them to suit our own taste. We would dye them different colors sometimes. We would add candies, frosting, or whatever we had handy to make our special popcorn ball.
    My friends would always ask me when we were going to make them, so they could come and decorate one too. It was like a big ole popcorn ball festival. We had a such a great time making these tasty treats. This brings back happy memories for me.

  18. I will always remember having popcorn balls around Halloween my friends would make them for my class and everyone would have a blast eating and playing with them. Sometimes me and my friends would play catch with them win whatever game we play gets to eat it! :-)

  19. I remember when my brother and I were little, on Halloween night there was always this one house we ran to first. It was a where a sweet little elderly lady lived and she use to make homemade popcorn balls to hand out. We always ran as fast as we could to get there first because she would run out. To us it was like winning a prize at the fair, unsealing the decorated bag and pulling out the delicious popcorn ball (LOL) Those are the sweet and special times of our childhood I hold dear to my heart today :)

  20. Well I got married and have my son 4 months later but never ever got to have a wedding aniversary with my husband. SO never had the fun times like your suppose to due to he passed away..
    Now my son & I make all the fun memories together. We even include the memories when he was only 3months old before his daddy died. It was good times for all 3 of us. but hard times too..
    NOw we just cherish all the moments we can..
    BUt know that every moment we have together is special.. ALso know that life is sure short.. ALso know that friends are the best.. And you can some AWESOME Times with friends which is the best we know. I will never forget the times we are making with the friends I have reconnected with through fb its been great.. I love my friends I knew in Junior high & high school to now be able to have them back in out lifes its awesome. they make it more exciting and fun too.. POp corn ball are fun just like snow ball fights..
    You get to be creative and have fun and share things that are special!

  21. I loved popcorn balls growing up. We usually got them around Halloween. My oldest sister made her own and used to put them in Trick or Treat bags. Those were the days!

  22. I remember receiving a popcorn ball in my trick-or-treat bag one year and I had no idea what it was. Once I tasted it, it was so good that I was hooked. Well, I never received another and I was so disappointed! Had to make our own from now on!

    So when Halloween comes around, I always see popcorn balls in the stores but I never buy them anymore because they are nowhere as good as yours! (or mine)

  23. I remember when my Grandma made them for Helloween and handed them out to all the Kids in the Neighborhood they were so yummy :) that even the Adults asked for some 😉

  24. Wow..blast from the past. My siblings and I used to make popcorn balls every year as children. I remember having to wait till the mixture cooled down before getting our buttered hands into it, to form the balls. Fond memory.

  25. I’m still learning from you, while I’m improving myself. I certainly love reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it

  26. I remember my sister giving out Popcorn Factory popcorn balls at Halloween. They couldn’t be any other brand. We have a family holiday event coming up that I think it would be riot to serve Popcorn Factory popcorn balls at. It would be a total surprise for my sister :)

  27. Popcorn Balls, just the two words brings up some wonderful thoughts of cold winter days and being in the warm kitchen with my Grandmother. I think that is my first memory of making popcorn balls is with my Grandmother. We would make plain ones and roll some in sprinkles or colored sugar for the christmas festive look. Than over time my own mother and I would make them for different holidiays. It was fun for us to come up with ideas for decorating them, candy corn was a great mix and of course who can resist M&M’s? Today I am enjoying making these same memories with my own daughter.

  28. Around Halloween time is when I see popcorn balls the most..The popcorn factory bringing them around the holidays is the best. I LOVE THEM :O)

  29. I loved making popcorn balls with my mom and brother’s and sister it was so fun to get in the kitchen and all help and make them we alway’s could not wait to eat them. It just made the holiday to make them along with other treats.

  30. REMEMBER THEM??? Are you kidding. Popcorn balls are sooo boombastic. Every year during our Davies Family Fun days we make homemade popcorn balls for the Santa Showdown! If you have ever played hot potato you will understand. Just substitute the potato for a popcorn ball. Let me tell you the party isn’t a party with out a sassy game of pass the ball!

  31. There is nothing like Popcorn Balls at Christmas Time! I can remember tons of ribbon candy, nuts of every kind and fruit everywhere. But it is really something special when Grandma hands you a freshly made popcorn ball. Heavenly Bliss!

  32. My brother, sister & I used popcorn balls to decorate our Christmas tree when we were children. The white popcorn balls looked pretty on the green tree that we strung red cranberries on as well. My sister is no longer living, thanks for bringing this happy memory to mind. Happy Holidays!

  33. I have to admit, I really never had popcorn balls when I was younger although I did order the Popcorn Balls for Halloween last year for all of my nieces and nephews for an annual Halloween party that I have and they loved them. They were adorable! How could anyone not want to decorate and then eat these fun popcorn treats.

  34. OH Popcorn balls, OH Popcorn balls, I loved you when I was a child, a teen, and now as an adult I still indulge on you every now and than. Please share the joys of free popcorn balls into my home of 5 little ones to reminiscence on the past memories I have had with you. You are bonded well with pure sweetness, you are not so smooth on the outside but delightful you are for sure, you often come in many colors (my favorite is RED). Let me just say you are pure Bliss!

  35. I loved getting popcorn balls as a kid! I have to admit we never actually made them but we did buy them every so often as treats! I know now when my kids get them they are in awe of the popcorn ball! I have been wanting to get some of the super cute decorating kits – I know they would have a blast playing with their food before eating it! Overall I think they are a wonderful treat and my kids and I LOVE them!

  36. I remember popcorn balls – yummy – they bring back memories of holiday times with the family.
    I would love to pass on the tradition to my 3 young kids – they all absolutely love popcorn but have never tasted or even seen a popcorn ball!!!

  37. I remember homemade popcorn balls made by my mom & one of her best friends. Some times there would be candy mixed in and sometimes not. Either way my best friend & I always looked forward to eating them. There is nothing better than a fresh popcorn ball made by loving hands!

  38. My memories of making popcorn balls go way back. We gave them out at halloween. No one does that anymore because everyone gives out factory sealed treats. Back then we did not buy candy to give out. But we still make popcorn balls. We just enjoy them ourselves.

  39. Well we all love popcorn and love popcorn balls because I can get my four year old son to decorate them and its always fun to be able to do something together. Whether its for halloween or christmas its always fun to add candy and make silly faces.

  40. Popcorn Balls have memories for me back to the 1940’s. As a kid, our neighbor made the most delicious popcorn balls for Halloween..yummy. When I had children and then grandchildren, this became a real tradition. Love those popcorn balls!!

  41. I would love to win this and start a new tradition with my children!

    Growing up we did not have popcorn balls. Only time I was ever fortunate to have one is when a elderly neighbor lady would make them and hand them out at Halloween!

    Thanks for considering me

  42. Oh gosh, this brings back memories. I used to help my grandma make popcorn balls. They were so good. I remember making them for Halloween and sharing them with all of my cousins. Great memory.

  43. When I was a child, my brothers and sisters and I would pop a big bowl of popcorn, mix up the “sticky stuff” and butter our hands. Then we’d spend some time forming lots of popcorn balls. I have to admit that I ate as much of the mixture as I formed into balls. I can still taste those still-warm popcorn balls and laughing with my family.

  44. When we were young and went trick or treating. The one lady down the street always had popcorn balls for all the kids. We always made sure to go to her house first.But that was back in time when you didn’t have to worry about all the stuff you have to worry about in this day of age.

  45. I love popcorn balls!! I remember my mom made them when I was younger, and I can remember the sweet salty crunchy flavor! YUM!! I used to make them for my kids years ago as well. They really sound good right now. I will have to make a batch if I don’t win…so please pick me so I don’t have to!!!

  46. Every year about this time, my aunt and I,(and later when the cousins came along, they would join in too) would make popcorn balls! She made them with my grandma when she and my mom were kids, too. This is one of my earliest memories. I would stand there and watch her make the gooey syrup that would become our “glue”, and she would pour the caramel over a HUGE bowl of freshly popped corn. We would stir and stir, and then dive in with buttered hands to make as many popcorn balls as we could! We would make 2 or 3 batches, so many that they covered the wax paper covered buffet behind the dining table! Of course, the next part was packaging them up and making cute gift tags for teachers, friends and family! I loved going around school and giving them out to all my teachers and the office staff.
    This year, my daughter and I started early, and made popcorn balls at Halloween to pass out, and will be making some more soon for our annual Christmas Open House. Merry Christmas!!

  47. I remember making popcorn balls when I was younger with my grandmother. We would make hundreds of them and wrap them in different color saran wrap and tie a ribbon on them. We would bring them to the church fair for them to sell…..of course we always ate and kept more than enough for us to enjoy!! Thanks for asking..it’s a wonderful memory!!

  48. Homemade popcorn balls…..a staple in our family Christmas. They are my mom’s favorite. She’s in her 60’s now, and I’m fourty something. I should be the one to pass the homemade popcorn ball tradition to my daughters and grandaughter. Now mind you, I love to bake, and I’m an excellent cook (just ask my husband.) But the homemade popcorn ball, I have never mastered, and I always, always burn myself. So thank you Popcorn Factory, it’s “homemade”, just not by me. And I love the fact that I can order and you’ll ship directly to my mom. 😉

  49. When my brother and received them while trick or treating, we would take a few bites of them and realize they were just too hard to eat. So instead of waiting a while, we would end up throwing them at each other.

  50. Some time, after my great-grandmother passed away, my great-grandfather had a girlfriend, also in her 80’s. My parents would always take me, my brother and sister to Mrs. Smith’s house on Halloween, where our treats were her homemade popcorn balls. The popcorn balls were always so good and sticky. Now, many years later, it is a fond memory of our trick or treating tradition.

  51. This is a recent memory…like last week. On Thanksgiving evening, the little ones in the family decorated Thanksgiving popcorn balls that we had ordered from your company. It was a riot. The 18 month old just gnawed on them…and got very sticky!! The 7 and 4 year old’s decorated such cute little popcorn balls, and didn’t want to eat them and ruin them, so we took pictures and then sealed in baggies so they could take them home. And well, the 18 year old just had a blast directing the younger set and creating a fun one of her own.

  52. I remember helping my grandma in the kitchen when I was growing up! Sugar cookies, rice krispie treats, etc… but my favorite to make was always popcorn balls. Those memories I have with my grandmother will last a lifetime. Now, she and I like having my little girl help in the kitchen too. It’s great when we all get together. Not to mention, my grandmother loves Popcorn Factory popcorn!

  53. My grandmother used to make popcorn balls for all of us. It was always great because the popcorn smell would fill her house. I remember her packing a picnic basket with popcorn balls and hot chocolate. We would take the snacks with us while we watched our local Christmas parade. My grandmother has since passed away, so this year I am going to try her recipe and make them with my children

  54. Making popcorn balls brings back memories of when my siblings and I were young. Now that we are all grown with children of our own, we have continued the tradition.
    The smells, the tastes, the laughter, this is what family is all about.

  55. Oh I love, love, love Carmel Popcorn balls. I used to have these as a kid. I found a great recipe and love having this with my kids. The girls would be so excited to have a popcorn ball party!!

  56. there is a popular song with my almost three year old little boy that goes “popcorn poppin’ on the apricot tree”….ever since he learned that song his favorite snack is POPCORN! he could eat it alllllll day long! for every holiday season we make a fun popcorn ball treat for our family nights. Halloween was yummy with candy corn, for christmas i think we are going to make gingerbread popcorn balls for treats at our toddler gingerbread decorating party next week. gingerbread flavored marshmallows mixed in, and maybe some candies too….why not? popcorn balls are super fun!

  57. We celebrated Hanukah and my mom always thought it was cute to do something out of the ordinary. She would make my brother and I help her prepare popcorn balls. One every night, until there was 8. Then we could eat them, on the last night of Hanukah.

  58. We very rarely had popcorn balls growing up but when we did it was a super special treat! My mom would make the best popcorn balls something i need her to teach me so i can pass on the fun with my kids. I also love making garland out of popcorn!

  59. I have found memories of picking up popcorn as a treat with my Dad. The local popcorn store had a variety of flavors including popcorn balls. As soon as you entered the store you’d get a blast of the sweet and salty scent of all the different kinds. Fresh popped. I loved it. I always wanted to go!

  60. My wife used to make popcorn balls when the kids were little. Now the kids are bigger and we haven’t made them in years. This would be a great gift for my family to win. We love popcorn balls!!

  61. My great grandmother always made teh most amazing popcorn balls. I have wonderful memories of her making them and wrapping them in wax paper. We’d all wait until we could eat one. Too bad I was so young. No one has her recipe. I love to be in the kitchen recreating family traditions and making my new ones now that I have my own family.

    My mother also loved popcorn balls. She is no longer with me. Every Christmas at our local store there is a little stand that sells these popcorn balls that she would always buy. She LOVED them. Each time I pass by I think of her. Silly and sad all at the same time. Funny how a popcorn ball can touch my heart! :) I might just have to start making them with my kids as a tradition.

  62. My fondest memory of popcorn balls has to be when my sister and I would go trick or treating on Halloween with my mom and grandparents. We lived in a super small town and we never worried about bad stuff in our treats. One of our neighbors would make her own popcorn balls and wrap them up in cellophane wrappers and give them to the trick or treaters. It was always the first treats we ate!! I very much miss those days!

  63. My favorite memory is of my late stepdad Dan and his mom actually making popcorn balls at her house, it was nice to see them work together helping each other out being mother and son. She told me she would love to make them, but being her age it gets to be a little hard. I think if I would win I would send this to her so she can reminince about past times.

  64. I like to buy a few cases of these as my treat to hand out to the kids (and adults)as an anytime snack! But they go so fast in our house that there is never enough! We always made popcorn balls when we were little kids with my mom in the kitchen! My favorite was the colored fruit flavored ones using jello mixes to add fruit flavors!Ummmm strawberry!

  65. I remember when my daughter was growing up listening to Christmas music and making elf faces on the balls..later we would sit and watch the Bishops Wife and eat the left over Popcorn Balls and drink either tea or hot chocolate..whichever age warranted it. Popcorn Factory has given us quite a few moments…whether it be a holiday or a birthday.

  66. I remember one year me and my family were making ornaments out of popcorn balls and putting them on the Christmas tree. Well apparently humans are not the only ones that love popcorn balls, because our chunky dog, Bobby, started trying to eat one of the popcorn ornaments while it was still on the Christmas tree and almost knocked down the whole tree!! It was definitely a Christmas to remember thanks to the popcorn balls. :)

  67. I have a memory of making popcorn balls with my Brownie troop when I was about 6 or 7. We all met at my house for a Halloween Party. We were going to make candies apples and popcorn balls. The candy apples got nade without a problem. The popcorn balls started out OK but when it was time to shape them you were supposed to do it with your hands. Can you imagine 8 or 9 little girls with buttered hands trying to shape hot sticky popcorn into balls. We got it in our hair, on our clothes, the furniture and the pets. It seemed to grow as we tried to clean it up and my dog was right there trying to eat and lick it off of everything. I have never tried to make them again since. But your popcorn balls are so good that I just wouldn’t even try to do justice to some. My Mom still talks about the mess we made and tells me that my kids will pay me back for the trouble I caused.

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  69. Wow, this definitely brings back memories for me!!! My mom used to make popcorn balls for Halloween and the whole house had such a warm, fall smell. Nowadays you can’t really give out homemade treats but we still make them for my kids!!!

  70. I fondly remember my Grandmother’s popcorn balls. No one else I knew had family that made them so they seemed really unique to us. When I was finally deemed old enough (I was 9 I think) I was so elated! Making popcorn….without a microwave! It was almost too much to wrap my little mind around

  71. my first memory of popcorn balls was when staying at my aunts house, every year she would hold a trail ride stay over,she would have us make popcorn balls and candied apples every year.fun fun fun!!!!

  72. about 70 years ago, we used to receive a package every year for our family Christmas present for our Indiana farm relatives. We looked foreword to it because it was a box full of popcorn balls and each one was sprinkled with red hot candies. Delicious.

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