National Popcorn Day – January 19th or the day of the Superbowl?

Indianapolis Colts Popcorn Tin
Indianapolis Colts Popcorn Tin

So there is a bit of popcorn controversy in the popcorn world. controversy in the popcorn world you say, how could that be you ask? Popcorn is fun and great to eat with family and friends. What controversy could possibly exist? Well it surrounds National Popcorn Day. There is a consensus around the idea that National Popcorn Day is at the end of January. But is it on January 19th or on the day of the Superbowl? Okay, okay so to the rest of the world that might not be the biggest controversy around, but here at The Popcorn Factory it’s mighty big and creates quite a few lively discussions around well…the Popcorn Factory! 

So we would like to hear your thoughts. Oh by the way, we’re not trying to sway you towards one opinion with that Indianapolis Colts Popcorn tin. It’s just that well Peyton Manning hasn’t had exactly a Peyton Manning-ish season, so we thought we’d show a little support for him. 🙂


Anyways, let’s hear your thoughts. In a about a paragraph or two, let us know which day you think National Popcorn Day should be on and how your feelings about popcorn have changed from when you were kid to now as an adult. And how do you feel sharing popcorn as a treat with your kids, nieces, nephews, etc.


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Go Popcorn! Go National Popcorn Day!

67 thoughts on “National Popcorn Day – January 19th or the day of the Superbowl?

  1. I think It should be on March 1st. That is because, I’ts my birthday. Shipping popcorn is the best. I love popcorn just as much to day as when I was a kid.

  2. I think National Popcorn Day should be on SuperBowl Sunday. My feelings for popcorn have grown since I was a child and now include cheddar popcorn and chocolate caramel rather than just buttered. I think it’s a great idea to share with kids. I’ve sent my nephews Popcorn Factory gift tins in college and they love them…so do their roommates.

  3. I think National Popcorn Day should be In a about a paragraph or two, let us know which day you think National Popcorn Day should be on “the 3rd Saturday in January”…because it’s a great family night to stay in & watch a movie & eat popcorn! I love popcorn…even more now as an adult than I did as a kid (and it was a lot even back then)! It’s sooo hard to share, but sort of fun too. I usually compromise by sharing…but everyone has to have their own bowl…no touching Mama’s bowl!

  4. Do we really need a certain day?Seriously!Popcorn rocks anytime!
    I have always loved popcorn but there are so many more flavors to choose from which makes it all the more appealing.We all eat it and I enjoy giving it(and receiving) as gifts during holidays,birthdays and any other event so I have problems pinpointing ONE specific day.I think EVERY DAY should be NATIONAL POPCORN DAY!!! 🙂

  5. I think National Popcorn Day should be on the 2nd saturday of Januar.I think it should be on the weekend to enjoy wathcing movies with family and eating popcorn.Not a certain date which could land on a weekday.My feelings have not changed at all, I LOVED popcorn as a kid just as much as i love it now.My daughter and i love to eat popcorn and watch a movie.

  6. Since there really are no dates relating to popcorns history, we pick July 9th. Perry Spencer accidently popped corn in his invention (later becoming the microwave). July 9th was his birthday. We LOVE popcorn! I always have loved popcorn- ever since I was a kid- my love hasn’t changed, besides growing! 🙂 We sent our daughter a popcorn package for Halloween, our sisters tins for birthdays, etc. Thanks Popcorn Factory!

  7. I think National Popcorn Day should be in April Because thats when its my birthday. If it was in April people would think to send me Popcorn my most favorite snack. I will be rooting for the KC Cheifs that are in a play off game on sunday. My favorite Popcorn flavors are butter, carmal, and cheddar.

  8. Popcorn Day is my birthday, January 19th. I will be 25 years old so that’s why January 19th should be Popcorn Day.

  9. I think National Popcorn Day should be on a day all it’s own. I mean..popcorn is awesome and deserves it! I have always loved popcorn…but as a child I was always drawn to caramel corn. I have advanced to my favorite flavors cinammon and the almond pecan. Don’t get me wrong..I still like caramel corn! 🙂 As far as sharing with the kids…I always buy them popcorn, but if I buy the almond is all mine.

  10. I think national popcorn day should be January 19th. Especially since it is the middle of winter and a great time to cozy up in the house with a tin of popcorn and watch movies. Popcorn is a great and easy snack to munch on.

  11. I think National Popcorn day should be a month long celebration that starts on Jan 19 to honor Natioal Popcorn Day ends on Feb 19 with a huge popcorn festival celebrated on Super Bowl Sunday.

    For me, popcorn has always been a staple when attending fairs, watching movies or films or during get-togethers like the Super Bowl or Super Bowl parties and even used during tree-trimming celebrations during the holidays.

    Enjoying popcorn has always brought me great joy as a kid & even now as adult as it is easy to both make & eat. The memories you create by either eating it or stringing it up has always been a great tradition that I’m glad to share with my family and friends. I like that with more varieties of popcorn available nowadays the traditions & recipes you create by using popcorn are endless

  12. I lean towards Superbowl day, but since my Cowboys aren’t in it, I may just go with January 19th this year. I love popcorn though and it goes great with movies and football, good ones and bad ones too.

  13. I think it should be Everyday! LOL Really I’d say the Super Bowl, why not have popcorn on the best snack day of the year! When I was a kid we only had popcorn every so often because it had to be cooked on the stove. I am so glad I can offer it to my kids ALL the time with the convenience of the microwave and prepackaged popcorns.
    We like to make popcorn balls for sleep overs and Halloween!

  14. Why tie it up with a sports event. I think Popcorn is awesome enough on its own. I know what day January 19th is, I have no idea when the Superbowl happens. My feelings regarding popcorn have changed little since I was a child. The only difference might be that I am more discerning about what popcorn I will eat. I don’t care for microwave popcorn in any form and would much rather make it on the stove or in an air popper for taste reasons. For tinned Popcorn I learned early to go for quality or it would be inedible.

  15. Popcorn MONTH is more like it. January is the perfect month to cozy up by the fireplace and eat popcorn while watching your favorite movie! As a kid I loved the carmel corn…but now I love it all!! We will be munching on several tins of popcorn during the superbowl. It’s so hard to keep my kids from eating it all…so we need a whole month! I declare January Popcorn month in our house!!

  16. If I had to choose a National Popcorn Day between either Jan. 19th or Superbowl I would choose Superbowl. At least with Superbowl, that would always remain a day that the whole family can share the love of popcorn with the fun of watching Superbowl. If it was on another day it might not always be a day of anything special going on. In that case, popcorn may not always be cherished on it’s special day.

    Now if I was to choose another day for National Popcorn Day I would pick it to be on the same day as Valentine’s Day. We all LOVE popcorn and what better day to share our love of popcorn than on Valentine’s Day. Just think of it, instead of giving chocolate to your valentine you could give a specialty popcorn. Look at it from the health standpoint…popcorn is better for you! I’ve always loved popcorn since a child. But love it even more now because I can snack on popcorn and know that it is a healthier snack. Though I have to ignore the fact that I love the specialy popcorns now more than ever…he, he! Specialy popcorn is still healthy, right???

  17. Does it really have to be only one DAY?! Why not National Popcorn MONTH! We have national: breast cancer awareness month, autism awareness month, even frozen foods month! Why NOT popcorn month?!!?
    I have gained an all new respect for popcorn since I was a kid…it used to be “just a snack”. Now, it’s always a party in a package and something to look forward to! Great when watching sports, get togethers with friends, or all alone on the couch. And all the flavors now are almost too much to handle (LOL!) The chocolate drizzle, caramel and butter flavors are my faves! I tell everyone I know about Popcorn Factory, and just shipped some to my nephew in the Navy in Japan! Popcorn is for people of all ages~ Gooooooo POPCORN!!!

  18. I think National Popcorn Day should be Labor Day! I think that because it is the day before school starts for most children and a good excuse to have quality time together as a family and share a snack.
    I remember watching classic movies with my parents and grandparents as a child and eating popcorn. We loved watching The Wizard of Oz or Sound of Music…popcorn to me always has family and movies involved. We keep this tradition alive now with my 3 yr old by watching Disney Movies weekly with popcorn!!!

  19. I think National Popcorn Day day should be dec 22 because it the shortest day of the year and that mean it popcorn and movie night for me. i love to share popcorn with all my family my nephew really loves it.

  20. Aug 1 Because it the hottest month of the year and i nice bag a popcorn and cool drink sounds great to me. when I was a child I loved popcorn and now that I’m older I still it enjoy it from time to time. I love to pop a bag of popcorn and watch tv with my family.

  21. I’d like for National Popcorn Day to be celebrated and shared on the same day each year as SuperBowl Sunday because SuperBowl Sunday is the 2nd Biggest eating day of the year! NPD and SBS occuring together would be a “super” winning combination in my book!!!

    My popcorn eating memories as a child are of watching a tinfoil tent expand over an aluminum pan w/handle while being furiously shaken until the tent became at the brink of bursting. It was fun to watch! These days, my family enjoys watching movies,sports, etc. while munching on delicious popcorn and making new memories.

  22. Not really sure about which day should be National Popcorn Day. We eat it all the time. I’d have to ask is thee one particular time of year that you sell more popcorn?

  23. I think National Popcorn day should remain on Jan 19th..seriously, we all love the Superbowl, but a WHOLE day dedicated to popcorn, well that is a celebration! Popcorn is the only snack where me and my kids love making together, eating together, buying together, and sharing is always our go to snack!

  24. I think it should be everday but if I have to pick one day, go with the SuperBowl Sunday. It should be included in everyones spread that day!

  25. I think it should be on January 19th! It definitely deserves its own day…so why compete with the Superbowl. Plus if you celebrate before the SuperBowl, you have a tin of yummyness to enjoy with football. It’s a win win!

  26. I think it should be on Jan. 19th just because I’m only a fan of the Superbowl when my home team’s in it, which unfortunately hasn’t been much in my lifetime.
    I do, however, love good food (popcorn in all kinds of flavors)& good times with good friends on Superbowl Sunday.
    So basically, any day is a good day for National Popcorn Day.

  27. I think that Popcorn Day should be on May 19. That is my wedding anniversary and this May will be 32 years!!! We would celebrate and give popcorn to all of our 5 kids. And to let them know that every year with a loved one is a celebration!

  28. Growing up National Popcorn Day was every Sunday night with The Wonderful World of Disney but what would the Superbowl be without popcorn to celebrate it?

  29. I think it should be Jan 19 that’s my daughter’s bday so it would be a great day to celebrate with some yummy popcorn!!

  30. I say give it it’s own day..It shouldn’t have to share with any other day. National Popcorn day is just another great reason to sit back and enjoy a nice movie with my future bride.

  31. I think national popcorn day should be everyday. Popcorn is a natural healthy satisfying treat anytime of day and shouldn’t be honored for just one day a year.

  32. Leave National Popcorn Day on January 19th. After all the holidays end, you get the winter blues and what a way to perk up your day – with popcorn! And I love sharing popcorn with my nieces & nephews. No better snack to have when we are sitting down to watch a movie together!

  33. I say any day is a good day for a national popcorn day! I love popcorn and love sharing it with those I love!

  34. I love popcorn and love sharing it with my family. When we were younger I loved going to the mall and buying fresh made caramel/cheese popcorn. As soon as you would enter the food court you would smell it.
    I say give National Popcorn day it’s own special day it shouldn’t have to share with any other holiday..

  35. I think National Popcorn Day should be held on October 19 which is my birthday and I just looooveee popcorn and I especially love popcorn from the popcorn factory!!


  36. I think that National Popcorn Day should be in February or March when it doesn’t have to share a day with another holiday. My tastes in popcorn have only changed slightly in the past 35 years. I just recently tried a white cheddar popcorn that I have fallen in love with after decades of hating cheese popcorn. I still love my Jiffy Pop on the stove and my kids have been introduced to this way of making popcorn. My kids get soooo excited when we have movie night and popcorn in the bedroom. It really gets me happy and excited to see their reaction to such a humble food.

  37. I think it should be yesterday 1/11/11. That just sound like a good day to celebrate popcorn.

  38. The closest day should be Nat’l Popcorn day. Every day should be popcorn day. When we were kids we used to pop corn with an air popper. And I loved movie popcorn, too. But I’m not sure it was as good as popcorn is today.

  39. National Popcorn Day should be Super Bowl Sunday. The most snacks are eaten on that day. Popcorn is the number snack . What better day a to celebrate National Popcorn Day. GO STEELERS!!!

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