Happy Birthday Popcorn Blog Party! 3 Prizes!

Happy Birthday Popcorn!

Happy Birthday Popcorn!

Welcome to The Popcorn Factory Happy Birthday Popcorn Blog Party!

Birthdays and Popcorn. They go together like a horse and carriage, right?

In about a paragraph or two, tell us how you feel popcorn and birthdays fit together. If you remember certain birthday celebrations past or present, feel free to share those as well. If you have some thoughts on how popcorn gifts can be made even more special for birthday celebrations, we would love to hear that as well. As you can,  with our name being  The Popcorn Factory, we live the world of popcorn each and every day and we just love it! So when our customers starting talking ‘some popcorn’ with us, it really makes our day. Take a look at our Birthday Popcorn Collection as well when you get the chance.

We will select 3 random winners!

Surprise “1st Post” Winner) Deborah Curran

Winner #1) Dora

Winner #2) Sandy

Winner #3) Lori Williams

Go Birthdays! Go Popcorn!

168 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Popcorn Blog Party! 3 Prizes!

  1. Erics birthday party one year was at a movie theater and everyone had so much popcorn

  2. I hit enter by mistake – ANyway that was one of Eric’s favorite parties and now he can’t have a party without lots of popcorn being offered to everyone – it’s become a tradition for us

  3. When I was young, my Grandmother used to give me a popcorn tin every year for my birthday. She always went overboard and bought me a lot of other presents, but the popcorn is what I always remember most. I now think of her whenever I see tins at the store.

  4. What’s better then Christmas making popcorn Garland with grandmother and Halloween making gooey caramel popcorn balls. Nothing! We grew with popcorn as a great snack and treat. Now it can fun and gourmet as adult at movies pinics parties and other celebrations. I love popcorn all the time.

  5. A few years ago around my birthday I remember coming home to find a Popcorn Factory package waiting for me. I was so excited. Inside was a yellow tin covered with Smiley Faces. It was a birthday gift from my father. I don’t remember any other gifts that year, but I still remember getting that popcorn. I am hard to buy presents for because I really don’t need any more stuff. Therefore, delicious things to eat are always highly valued.

  6. I think popcorn and birthdays go together like bread and butter. Celebrating a birthday with popcorn is classic and also unique. My favorite birthday parties I’ve attended are movie theater parties where popcorn can be shared,enjoyed and celebrated as a group or individually.

    In fact, one of my favorite birthday party movie theater parties was a years ago when I went to the movies w/ the kids I used to babysit and their family friend and their kids. We had 3 over-sized tubs of popcorn and six individual cups between the eight of us The large tubs had 1 person in the center holding it and 1 tub at each end of the group holding it and the kids had their individual popcorn. Since the kids kept finishing their popcorn before the adults they kept passing their cups up and down to either the center person or the end person for a refill. It was like watching a merry-go-round of popcorn!

  7. Popcorn is great for a birthday party because its fun to eat. Its portable. You can use it to decorate with it and then eat it. Popcorn comes in different flavors and covers. You can use it for a theme party. Popcorn is so versatile!

  8. Popcorn, Chips and Cake are a staple at our Birthday Parties. We always set out bowls of popcorn! Depending on which house we are having the Birthday is what flavor of popcorn is set out. But it’s alwayssss set out in a bowl. We celebrate all birthday parties with popcorn, We just haven’t had a lot of the flavors your company offers. I hear it’s the best! Thanks for the chance!

  9. To me, Popcorn is a major part of my family’s birthday. Growing up, our parents would let us pick a movie that we wanted to see for our birthday with the family. We all sit in our pajamas, kids on the floor, parents on the couch. Mom would make fresh popped popcorn, make all of us root beer floats and then we would sit back and enjoy! I miss those days since we are all grown up now and in different cities but I still enjoy sitting back on my birthday on the couch and watch a good movie with a bowl of popcorn!

  10. I don’t see any holiday not going hand in hand with popcorn, so a birthday shouldn’t be any different. Like some people mentioned, lots of people go to movies on their birthdays. These days most movies are expensive to go to, so why not do movie night at home with popcorn factory products. I think some birthday cake like candy coated flavored popcorn would be awesome.

  11. Popcorn and Birthdays.
    Color, fun, happiness, excitement, entertainment. It’s what makes me happy.

  12. I love incorporating popcorn into my kids birthday parties. I usually give them out as favors since my kids love it so much. For example, for my daughter’s birthday we had a Strawberry Shortcake and we gave out favors of a red colored popcorn that matched the theme. I would love for you guys to sell more flavored popcorns and some that are tinted different colors. They would make such great birthday party favors.

  13. I would LOVE to have “The Popcorn Factory” Birthday Party!! What a great idea!! I can see it now….dozens of different size cans from “The Popcorn Factory” spread all over the house filled with the most delicious popcorn in any flavor you could ever dream of!! Strings of popcorn in different colors have been hung all of the house from cealing to floor!! Then in one corner of the main room is a table set up with many fondue pots….filled with lots of different things to dip “The Popcorn Factory” popcorn in. Want something sweet? Dip in Chocolate or melted marshmallow! Want something savory? Dip in cheddar cheese or garlic white sauce! So many flavors to choose from!! But wait….I see another table set up in another corner of the main room…what is on this table? WOW!! Hundreds of mini popcorn balls with all different kinds of treats added in them; M & M’s, peanuts, cashews, sprinkles, raisins, chocolate covered raisins, craisins, gummy bears…you name it and you will find it in one of these popcorn balls!! Oh, so delicous!! Do I spot another table in another corner of the main room? YES!! What would “The Popcorn Factory” Birthday Celebration be without a birthday cake made entirely of “The Popcorn Factory” popcorn! It has 4 tiers and you would never even know it is made of popcorn because it is so beautiful…until someone cuts into it and you see all the delicious popped kernals of corn packed together to make this awesome cake!! This has been the best birthday ever. Nothing could make it any better….except….as we are leaving we are each handed the most adorable “thank you for coming” gift to take home with us to eat and enjoy at a later time….it is a mini “The Popcorn Factory” can filled with each of our own favorite flavor of popcorn!! Amazing!! I will never forget this birthday!!

  14. I think that birthdays are the perfect time to throw in some popcorn. It’s easy, cheap and everybody loves it. Easy to clean up and a large variety of flavors.

  15. We always have a bowl of popcorn at the birthday parties. It’s right next to the chips and pretzels. It’s also the first bowl that needs to be refilled.

  16. My great grandma always made her homemade popcorn balls for every holiday or special occasion. She passed away years ago and I dont have her recipe so I always have popcorn in her memory at our parties and holidays….my birthday is June 4th so it would be awesome to have some of your popcorn for my birthday this year!!!

  17. First of all- I love your popcorn…
    ok birthdays and your popcorn go together like a bear and a honeypot…there is no keeping the hands off or out. Popcorn treats are affordable and tasty, and most enjoy it- if not they are sitting in the corner with the grinch costume on so forget them. I love I can always send a can for even the hard to buy for persn, or the person I don’t really know or have to send a gift, or send a can or two to the troops and always know they are getting quality and I am getting a deal. It is a few dollars more than a card but certainly more appreciated as a card you really cannot eat, well you can but the popcorn is pure tasty. I love how after the popcorn is demolished and inhaled they have a can they can use for crafts, dog bones, a garbage can to shoot schoolwork in and still smile thinking of all the yummy that came in it as well as think of hey how sweet xxx was to send me that…great idea for me to order some and pass it on. Thanks for the yummy, it has saved me many times with quick yummy gifts and I did not even have to move from my desk.

  18. I think popcorn and b-day are great when i was young we use to have popcorn before chips and soda at all my b-day parties.

  19. Of course popcorn and birthdays go together! Its especially good at kids parties- I havent met a child that didnt like popcorn, and popcorn is an economical way to feed alot of people, cost wise. A fun idea would be to have a circus party and have different flavors of popcorn and let kids choose different flavors for their take home goody bag :)

  20. One of my favorite birthday parties involved popcorn. I had some school friends over and we watched movies. My mom popped popcorn & put it in those little movie theater bags. A nice memory. I think popcorn is a healthier option than chips & therefore a great option for kids’ parties.

  21. I live in Florida, I have children and grandchildren in Ohio. Sending cards doesn’t cut it for me. Gifts are so high maintenance. Popcorn, on the other hand, makes the PERFECT gift for birthdays (example, my son who turned 26 in February) received a popcorn tin and it was the hit of his day! Every flavor he could want and it lasted more than opening a card or unwrapping a gift. Sending popcorn is a great way to remember birthdays!

  22. I’m a popcorn fanatic, and have been since I was a kid. I love the smell, taste, texture…everything about popcorn! I loved having a summer birthday when I was a kid, there was always a carnival atmosphere; ice cream cake, popcorn, water balloons, etc. My birthday parties were always outside, in the July heat, and I just remember being in a bathing suit, wet from the slip n slide and eating soggy popcorn out of my pruney little hand :) Excellent memories!!!

  23. My son loves it and its always a fun tasty treat to put out for guests. Its fun to share and everyone loves it. I mixed cheddar and caramel popcorn together for my sons birthday this past weekend and it was a hit.

  24. Popcorn and Birthdays go together great! Everyone loves to eat popcorn. I think of popcorn as a “happy” food. I have personally given popcorn gifts for Birthdays and received them as well. I never have heard a complaint.

  25. I think popcorn should be shared, although the times I have had your popcorn I have wanted to run upstairs and hide it from everyone, it is more fun to share. Birthdays are a perfect time to celebrate with others and popcorn is the perfect fun happy snack. I love the birthday tins, hb2U is my favorite! As far ideas on adding something, I would love to see a choice for the 3-in-1 tins as far as flavor selections, i.e. a tin of just caramel and cheddar which by the way are both scrumptious! The only idea I can think of to add is maybe a coupon for a free movie rental. Maybe ya’ll could arrange something with Netflix, RedBox or Blockbuster? With or without the movie, I think just about everyone would love to receive one of your tins on their birthday. I’ve sent them and received them and they make a great gift for many different occasions.

  26. I think birthdays and popcorn are a perfect combination. A birthday should be filled with fun times and fun times and yummy popcorn helps do just that! :)

  27. With June being my birthday month this blog is great. Cheese popcorn can replace a birthday cake in my opinion! Popcorn is a fun food and my favorite snack.

  28. My birthday was a couple of months ago, and I wish somebody had sent me a tin of popcorn! I never thought about sending popcorn as a birthday gift before, but I think I will send some to my son on his birthday next year.
    And it doesn’t have to be a birthday to celebrate with popcorn!!

  29. Popcorns and Birthdays go so well together because I always send a tin of popcorn on friends birthdays, plus who doesnt like opening a huge tin filled with delicious popcorn in all different flavors!
    Its something you can munch on throughout the entire birthday party as well and still have room for the cake at the end!!!!

  30. Popcorn and Birthdays are a great combination. From a movie to a circus, they fit great for any theme for kids or adults.

    I especially love the fact that these tins have chocolate too. From the time I was little, my grandma would make popcorn and her homemade fudge that we’d eat together as a fun special treat. To this day every time I have fudge I crave popcorn and vice versa. I’m sure she’d love this tin as well.

  31. Popcorn for birthdays go great together. it is an easy snack to much on and kids enjoy it too. With the variety of flavors that you offer and cute tins, who would pass a popcorn factory tin for their birthday party? I wouldn’t :)

  32. Popcorn is so good! I think it would be perfect for a birthday celebration. I have never had popcorn at a birthday party, but it would be great for a circus themed party or as a simple snack. To make it even better, Popcorn Factory could coat the popcorn with frosting flavoring! YUM! Birthday cake popcorn sounds delicious.

  33. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

    Popcorn is a HUGE hit at my little niece and nephew’s parties! They have a great movie theater in their town that does wonderful birthday parties. Right before the children go into the theater, they get in line at the concession stand and each is given his candy, pop and a tall container of POPCORN. The only thing that could make that any better would be to have YOUR almond pecan or the decadent drizzled caramel corn, but let’s save those for the adults. Your white cheddar is delicious. I’m anxious to try the jalapeno soon as I’ve never had it and love spicy! Yum! And once again, I’m impressed by your beautiful tins. Love the Summer Poppies tin. So pretty!


  34. Popcorn is the perfect thing to serve at a birthday party because it’s fun and easy to eat and something that people associate with youth, movies, and fun times. Also, it’s low calorie so people don’t feel guilty indulging in it.

  35. We do a movie night for our kids birthday’s so of course we have popcorn with it. I usually let them choose what kind of popcorn they’d like to have and of course they get to pick their movie. I can’t watch a movie without popcorn!

  36. Gosh! I remember sitting around with my friends on my birthday. My mom in the kitchen making special treats. Then, all of us crowding around the couch eating popcorn and M&M’s watching NOTHING but scarey movies til we all passed out.

  37. I remember when I was about 7 or 8 and I had a sleepover birthday party. We popped TONS of popcorn and watched “The Wizard of Oz”! It was the best! The only thing I would have changed would have been to have had Popcorn Factory flavored popcorn! YUMMY! Birthdays and popcorn…what a great combo! Goooooo popcorn! :-)

  38. In my opinion there is not a time or a place not to have popcorn but for birthdays….of course! Popcorn is versatile. You can do just about anything with it. I like to make popcorn snack bags for the birthday party treats. I mix plain and flavored popcorn with M&Ms, chocolate coated pretzels, Swedish Fish or just about anything that will fit in with the parties theme. Makes a great treat bag for kids or adults. I don’t use any kind of nuts though because you never know who has allergies to them.

  39. Not a birthday goes by without having popcorn. We all love different flavors, which is no problem for the Popcorn Factory! It is a staple in our house for birthdays and Christmas. It is also a great gift to send when nothing else will do. Thank you for a superior product that makes our family happy!!!! Thanks for a chance to win this awesome giveaway….YUM!!!

  40. I love popcorn everyday and for on birthday it fun to added it as a birthday treat i know my nephew loves popcorn and he would love some for his birthday.

  41. Popcorn is by far my favorite food. I had my 22nd birthday yesterday .. and this would have been the best present to receive ever! It’s delicious and can be used for any occasion and I use any chance I have to eat some popcorn! :)

    Also, you can mix ANYTHING with popcorn and it tastes delicious!

  42. When I think of birthdays I think of fun and gifts and surprises and I have never celebrated a birthday without using, opening or sending a gift from the popcorn factory to make it special. It always works

  43. I had a couple of my birthdays at movie theaters and we all had popcorn, you cant watch a movie without popcorn. I love popcorn, especially the caramel and cheese flavors!

  44. Every year at Christmas, my parents ALWAYS got me a tin of popcorn and it was always the first thing I opened.

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