Baseball Popcorn Tin Blog Party! 3 prizes!

Chicago Cubs Popcorn Tin
Chicago Cubs Popcorn Tin

Welcome to The Popcorn Factory Baseball Popcorn Tin Blog Party! Now that opening day has arrived, we want to talk baseball and popcorn!

So in about a paragraph or two, let us know how excited you are about the season starting, your favorite team and why they’re going to win (or your gripe why they will not..) and how you feel about popcorn as a snack while watching the game at home.

Click here to see our full Baseball Popcorn Tin Collection.

We’ll pick 3 random winners and of course the winner can pick their favorite team’s tin as the prize. Or your friends favorite team if you will be sending it as a gift. Oh and please no sending your favorite team’s tin to your friend who roots for their rival. Example: Sending a St. Louis Cardinals tin or Chicago White Sox tin to a Cubs Fan (or vice versa). That would just be mean. 😉

Winner Status:
Surprise “1st Poster” Winner): Pete (Post on April 15th, 2011 @ 11:41 am)
Winner #1) Maggie Mckay (Post on April 19th, 2011 @ 5:28 pm)
Winner #2) Jonathan Ammons (Post on April 16th, 2011 @ 2:40 pm)
Winner #3) Susitravl (Post on April 16th, 2011 @ 12:33 pm)

Go Baseball! Go Popcorn! Go Summer! 

190 thoughts on “Baseball Popcorn Tin Blog Party! 3 prizes!

  1. Pittsburgh Pirates are my team. I love watching the game on TV and enjoying our favorite snack. Popcorn what else.

  2. The Astros are going to win. I always eat popcorn watching the game. Astros and popcorn go together.

  3. Love the Pirates and popcorn is the ULTIMATE baseball snack! GOOOO PIRATES AND GOOOO POPCORN!!

  4. I am not a huge baseball fan..To watch, but to play i love.I don’t have a favorite baseball team but i think sitting down and watching it with popcorn is the only way..

  5. Rootin’ for the Pirates! Popcorn is the ULTIMATE baseball snack…you just gotta have it!!! GOOOOO PIRATES AND GOOOOOOO POPCORN!!! :)

  6. first off wow this is going to be a great season baseball and popcorn go hand and hand. the baltimore orioles are my team and look for good things from them this year. they have some good pitching this year along with some good bats on the lineup.

    you always have to have popcorn when watching a ballgame as it is the only snack you can eat during a game. so go O’s and have some popcorn!!!

  7. after not seeing his son in 20 years, my husband reunited with his son & met his 6 yr old twin grandsons for the 1st time. We decided to meet in Chicago & go to a Cubs game because that was their favorite team. The second I saw my husband of 30 years have tears in his eyes as his grandsons sat with him & his son sat next to him…I became a CUBS fan forever.
    The popcorn they served @ Wrigley Field failed in comparison to Popcorn Factory popcorn, but we had a sampler box back at the condo we wished we had brought with us! Cubs & Popcorn Factory are a win win situation!

  8. I’m super excited about the baseball season starting, my favorite team is the Milwaukee Brewers. Their going to win this season because they have the spirit of Wisconsin fans backing their every move. The team is ready to rumble this season and so are the fans that are ready to get loud.

    Go Baseball! Go Popcorn! Go Summer!

  9. This is an exciting baseball season. Our family are Indians fans!! We Love Carlos Santana he played for the Clippers and is now the Cleveland Indians catcher. He had a bad injury at the end of last season but is back this year to show off his best season yet! How else to enjoy a game with the family but to eat popcorn of course!!!! Go Indians, and Go Clippers!

  10. I love the games from the bleachers. I will be supporting the Seattle Mariners when I do go to a game. Watching at home? Not such a fan of televised sports. If I did, YES on Popcorn! For the Stadium games It would be awfully hard to sneak a tin into the game. That is what “Satellite baggies” are for though…..

  11. I am hoping for the Boston Red Sox! I have always been a fan my dad grew up in Boston and it’s in the blood to love the #Redsoxnation! Eating popcorn and watching games is one of the best snacks to have. Boston Red Sox 3-Way Popcorn Tin my hubby would put in his man room once I ate all the popcorn haha Thanks for the chance!

  12. Popcorn and Baseball. Bring it on! I don’t really have a favorite team but I enjoy watching a good game and munching on popcorn.

  13. I’m very excited that baseball season is here! Go Cubs!!! I can only hope. :o)

    I love to unwind in the evening by watching a Cubs game, and usually end up going to a game or two every year. It has gotten pretty pricey so I can’t go as often as I’d like.

  14. Looking forward to the Texas Rangers. Hope they will have another great season this year. Would love to try your popcorn too while watching a game!

  15. Fantastic! We loooove baseball. Shortly after my husband and I were married, we started following Arizona baseball – and saw them go all the way! It was the first time we had shared a sport interest together. And it’s the only sport we watch on tv together. Baseball, to me, is a reminder of why I’m with the right guy.

    And popcorn? HECK YEAH! It’s the best baseball snack because we tend to throw it at each other during the game. And if we manage to get the popcorn in each others mouth, great. If not, still great. It’s delicious popcorn!

  16. I am a Cubs fan. I am hopeful that they will win but know how in years past they have come so close and lost. I also keep microwave Popcorn on hand incase any Cubs game comes on. Its Cheap And Tastes Yummy. :)

  17. we are huge Redsox fans, thinking they were going to very well this season….but its not looking that good :(

  18. we are huge Redsox fans, thinking they were going to do very well this season….but its not looking that good

  19. very excited to enjoy warm weather and baseball games :) popcorn is the best snack to enjoy at a game :) yeah pirates!!!

  20. I am sooooo excited that baseball season has begun. I started watching baseball late last season, so I’m a newbie. I love the Houston Astros! I really, really, really think they are going to do way better than last year. They have a lot young players with a lot of potential. Popcorn is my snack of choice when watching baseball. Makes me feel like I am at the ballpark. Sometimes it goes flying when someone hits a homerun. :)

  21. My favorite team is the Detroit Tigers! I’m optimistic that they’ll do well this year and plan to attend as many games as I can… even though it’s a two-hour drive to their stadium. DH & I usually stay near Lakeland, FL in our RV during the winter so we can go to spring training, but didn’t this past winter cuz we went to south Texas instead.

  22. oooh… forgot to add that popcorn is my FAVORITE snack at home OR at the game. It’s just not baseball without it! (Forget peanuts or crackerjack!)

  23. Baseball and Popcorn. They just go together – a national passtime and a national favorite!! At home or in the ballpark. There’s nothing better!!

  24. I am supper excited that baseball has started not only the pros but is the first time our four year old son has played a sport and he picked baseball. They play major teams such as the Mets and we love every minute of it. We wear our orange and blue to every game and of course eat Popcorn our favorite and my son has to have it after every game. I can’t wait to order the Mets tin for their end of season party.


    March 31, 2011 opening day for my husband’s favorite team, the New York Yankees, found him, like every opening day for the past 33 years, seated in front of the TV. Along with his love for the Yankees, so has the size over these years. With the remote in one hand and a coffee table filled with PopCorn Factory PopCorn and other snacks fit for a king, he was ready for the game! .

    You would think he was the Manager of the Yanks, as he screamed at the TV if the play was wrong, or cheered them on if it was carried out correctly!! At the end of the game, the awesome Yankees triumphed over the Detroit Tigers 6-3, with the help of my Couch Manager!!

  26. March 31, 2011 opening day for my husband’s favorite team, the New York Yankees, found him, like every opening day for the past 33 years, seated in front of the TV. Along with his love for the Yankees, so has the size over these years. With the remote in one hand and a coffee table filled with PopCorn Factory PopCorn and other snacks fit for a king, he was ready for the game! .

    You would think he was the Manager of the Yanks, as he screamed at the TV if the play was wrong, or cheered them on if it was carried out correctly!! At the end of the game, the awesome Yankees triumphed over the Detroit Tigers 6-3, with the help of my Couch Manager!!

  27. Yea, Baseball! We wished we lived closer to Kansas City so we could see the Royals play more often. But, there’s always the TV and popcorn in the air conditioned (or heated as we need today) comfort of our family room!

  28. I am so excited for baseball season!! I love the Cubs and hope they have a winning season, all the way the the World Series!! I can hope!!! A bucket of popcorn would be a perfect snack for any baseball game!!

  29. I’m excited to go see the Atlanta Braves this year & take my daughter to her first game, teach her to do the chop & feed her stadium food! She’s almost 2 so it will be so fun! She also JUST had her first popcorn and now she calls it ‘corn! She loves it.

  30. I am very excited about the season starting. As usual, this will be a group activity. It is always fun to have all your friends over for the games. When this happens, food becomes a big part of all. Popcorn is one of those snacks we always have on hand. I have found the cheese flavors to be very popular with our particular croud.

    I am rooting for the Astros. My home town boys. My friends all have their own teams they cheer on. We all have fun regardless of who wins or loses. To me it is a win, win situation, baseball, good food, good friends, and good times.

  31. Houston Astros is my team They need to get on the ball with the wins and eat more popcorn. I would love a tin full and would enjoy it tremendously.

  32. I pretty much grew up on baseball all the kids in my small town did. We played every weekend at our local park. Now my whole family comes over and we always root for the Dodger’s. Popcorn would be awesome for our get togethers.

  33. I’m excited about the baseball season – I get to watch my son play HS baseball (my FAVORITE team, of course). Our family are big Yankee fans, although my son thinks they don’t have a great shot this year. But it isn’t fun if the same team wins all the time! Popcorn is the BEST snack to enjoy with the game!

  34. Long time SF Giants Fans we are! The World Series win last November left us pumped and even more ready and excited for this 2011 season. Baseball, America’s favorite past-time, brings family and friends of all ages together for a few hours of uninterrupted fun. Snacking on some Popcorn Factory Popcorn would make a great time being all together, an awesome time, no matter the score! We honor and salute all fans of all MLB teams!

  35. It’s a great family tradition! We are a TX Rangers family and if we’re not at the ballpark we are watching at home with some great popcorn in hand.

  36. I tried entering on Saturday – comment isn’t showing. Baseball and Popcorn just simply GO together … National pasttime and a great snack … watching baseball on tv or in person, there isn’t any greater snack that popcorn!! We’d love to win!

  37. I was raised as a Dodger fan especially living here in So Cal. Now that I’m older, I like going to a game a year, I’m not a rabid fan like some relatives but I very much enjoy the whole experience of going to a game (popcorn, hotdogs, peanuts, home runs and all)!!!

  38. What more could you ask for the Top Baseball Team Philadelphia Phillies with the top snack Popcorn. Go Popcorn Factory…Go Phillies.

  39. I love to attend baseball games in the summer! popcorn is the quickest and easiest snack to enjoy! :)

  40. I could use a tin of Astros popcorn because I like it and the Astros need our support. Go Stros.

  41. I like the Astros from Houston, TX. I can see myself eating popcorn and watching the game from the stands. If I had an Astros tin I would take it with me and make others jealous.

  42. Tx Rangers!! We love baseball in our family & look forward to every season. If we aren’t at a game we are home with some popcorn in hand watching a great game!!!

  43. I’m helplessly and permanently a Red Sox fan. I’m a member of Red Sox Nation. I’ll live and die with Red Sox Pride for eternity! My entire life from March-October is NOTHING but Red Sox! My son’s room is wall to wall, floor to ceiling Red Sox Memorabilia, since my husband has banned all baseball decor from our room! Am I happy we only have 5 wins and 10 loses? Nope, but I’ll NEVER give up on my team! I believe!

    We have three snacks during Red Sox games. Homemade Fenway Franks, POPCORN, and beer!

  44. There are two teams in Chicago the Cubs and the White Sox. That rivalery has been going on for over One Hundred years. Yes I’m a South Sider until I die. I root for my 2005 Champions White Sox. But there is one thing the South Siders and the North Siders have in common we all love The Factory Popcorn we eat it and savory it. That what keeps up sane! If there wasn’t a bucket of popcorn to eat and toss around we would be incarceration for tossing other objects at each other! Popcorn and Baseball are as American as Apple Pie!

  45. I’m a Chicago Cubs girl. They aren’t going to win. I’d like to see them make the playoffs again at some point during my lifetime. However, I love my Cubs because it’s not about baseball, it’s not about money, it’s not even about winning. They give me a sense of community that I just don’t get sitting in the expensive stadium know as “The Cell” (I’m lookin’ at you, White Sox!).

    I remember when Mark Grace was my favorite player. Ryn-o. Andre Dawson. Ernie Banks. And who could forget Harry Carrey’s unique play-by-play?

    Baseball warms my heart in these times when so much uncertainly threatens to bring us under. I live in Los Angeles now but my heart will always be in Chicago at Wrigley.

    And a-one, and a-two! “Take me out to the ballgame, take me out with the crowd! Buy me some peanuts and crack-er-jacks, I don’t care if I EVER get back. ‘Cause it’s root, root root FOR THE CUB-BIES. If they don’t win, it’s a shame. And it’s ONE, TWO, THREE strikes you’re out at the ooollld balll gaaaame!”


  46. I don’t really get into major league sports but do enjoy going to our minor league team’s games. The stadium serves up great food including popcorn! I can’t wait to catch a couple games this year!

  47. I’m a huge baseball fan. I love the Phillies, when they are winning. I grew up in Philly so I know you hate them when they are on a losing streak. You have never seen a baseball game until you sit with a bunch of Phillies fans. We can make grown men and women cry. It is the greatest thing to be around.

    Now popcorn on the other hand goes great with baseball cause it doesn’t change the taste of your beer.

  48. Popcorn is this families favorite snack at the baseball games and at home as we watch our favorite MLB team the Detroit Tigers ! Nothin would be better then winning a Detroit Tigers Popcorn tin !

  49. I love watching my favorite baseball team the Atlanta Braves play while I snack on The Popcorn Factory popcorn. I can indulge in two of my favorite past times at once. The Braves will win this year because they have power hitting and good pitching. The Popcorn Factory popcorn will be a big hit too.

  50. I am rooting for the Chicago Cubs! Born in Illinois it is hard not to be a die hard fan. Nothing like a great ball game and some delicious popcorn!

  51. Good food=good times! Popcorn Factory and Baseball equals a great time!! Chicago Cubs lets do it this year!!

  52. Ok first all I am a Cubs fan and would never give or send it to a stlc fan…they have no taste at all, I have been a Cubs fan all my life and what makes it a true fan- I have been a fan through it all never faltering…they are just building up to the greatest World Series Win ever and it is going to be awesome

  53. Come lose, win, lose, lose, lose…I STILL LOVE my Pittsburgh Pirates!!! I’m excited to see how the Bucs do this year…it’s pretty funny/sad when there are articles that give Pirate fans hope by saying we wouldn’t be last….LOL My son and I especially enjoy eating carmel popcorn while watching games, reminds us of cracker jack!

  54. I don’t know if they will win or not but I’ll be rooting for the Cubs again this year. And the “Yankees” team my son (11) is playing on this spring. I can’t wait for their first game and the fresh smell of popcorn and hot dogs at the concession stand. I love baseball season and all that it brings!

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