Let’s Talk Some Gourmet Popcorn. 3 Gourmet Popcorn Prizes!

Gourmet Popcorn Sampler

Gourmet Popcorn Sampler

Gourmet Popcorn from The Popcorn Factory….how best to experience it for the first time when you are unsure of which of the many delicious flavors to taste first? Should you go with Garlic Asiago Popcorn or maybe Jalapeno Popcorn? Maybe you’re leaning towards Passion Fruit Popcorn only to be swayed towards the ever so popular Chocolate Popcorn? The answer to that question is the 18 Pack Popcorn Sampler from The Popcorn Factory. Its oh-so-delicious picture is right there to your left.

 In about a paragraph or two, let us know which of the many gourmet popcorn flavors you would try first! Also, let us know which of the other flavors you think adults would like versus kids. Or which ones would be loved by all! And if there are certain flavors or combinations of flavors that you would like to see in the future, let us know.

The gourmet popcorn flavors for your mouth-watering perusal include Garlic Asiago Popcorn, Almond Pecan Corn, Jalapeno Popcorn, Kettle Corn, Cheese Popcorn, Butter Popcorn, Buffalo Ranch Popcorn, Caramel Corn, White Cheddar Popcorn, Cinnamon Corn, Chocolate Popcorn, Passion Fruit Popcorn and Caramel Apple Popcorn.

We will pick 3 random winners.

Surprise “1st Post” Winner) Erica Best – February 20th, 2011 @ 9:27 pm

Winner #1) Michelle Coles – February 21st, 2011 @ 12:14 am

Winner #2) Melissa – February 22nd, 2011 @ 9:19 pm

Winner #3) Gayle Watkins on February 22nd, 2011 @ 6:54 pm

Go Gourmet Popcorn!

164 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Some Gourmet Popcorn. 3 Gourmet Popcorn Prizes!

  1. Well they all sound GREAT!I really love the sampler!!!Chocolate!Caramel!Cheese!APPLE????
    ONly thing I think kids may not like might be the hot stuff like Jalapeno .
    Thanks for the chance!!!!

  2. They all sound wonderful but the garlic asiago and jalapeno sound like something that should be on my bucket list :) Obviously I like things with a kick. What kid doesn’t like chocolate? For that matter, what adult? I think that and the caramel will go over well with the young ones. When I was little there was a popcorn place in our local mall that had watermelon popcorn. It was amazing :)

  3. I think the most popular kid flavors would be Passion Fruit Popcorn, Caramel Apple Popcorn, Kettle Corn, Cheese Popcorn & Caramel Corn, and Chocolate Popcorn! The most appealing to foodies/adventurous adults would be Garlic Asiago Popcorn, Almond Pecan Corn, & Buffalo Ranch Popcorn. All the others would be loved by any & everyone.
    I would love to see flavors like a snickers popcorn, or other candy, like m & ms. I love different gourmet popcorn & REALLY hope that you pick me as a winner!!: )

  4. Wow, all of them sound awesome, but I would try the almond pecan one first….my kids and husband love the caramel, but my favorite is the butter one. I would love to win this so we can try them all out!!! Thanks!

  5. I must say the one I would like to try the most is the buffalo ranch popcorn, then the caramel apple popcorn. I have had your cheese, jalepeno and the butter.

    I know my kids won’t like the buffalo ranch but that just means more for me. I do know they would love the chocolate and the caramel apple. Hey, that may be a good combination!!!

  6. They all sound yummy but I am looking forward to trying the chocolate!! Who doesn’t love chocolate!! All the flavors sound good and I would love to try them all. This sample pack sounds like a great gift idea!! I think cinnamon sounds like something new for the future!! Go Popcorn!!

  7. I would love to try the Candy Apple flavor and the Garlic Asiago flavors. Who doesn’t like the sweet stuff, and then one the other hand, that savory asiago garlic combo would be delicious too.

    I think when it comes to the kids, they would like the chocolate, caramel, cheese, and the butter flavors. They usually like to stick with what they’re familiar with.

    Thanks for such a great line of products!

  8. Carmel apple popcorn!?!? Almond peacan? Who thinks of these flavors?? It really sounds good, as do all these flavors, and I would really love to try them all!

  9. Would choose the garlic asiago and the almond pecan.think kids would like the chocolate, passion fruit and Carmel apple. Adults Buffalo ranch,cheese, garlic asiago.

  10. Wow — so many flavors to choose from. Where to start? While so many of those are my favorites (kettle corn, caramel corn, ALL of the cheeses, of course butter), I’d have to go for something new, something different.

    The first one I’d try would probably be the caramel apple. That sounds like something a mad chef would come up with in their secret laboratory or something (“I love popcorn. I love caramel apples. Which do I snack on??! I CAN’T CHOOSE! I’LL COMBINE THEM AND EAT BOTH!!!!!”). Slightly fruity, pretty sweet — this would be an awesome combination.

    After that, the temptation would be to try the passion fruit, but I think I’d change gears after eating the mildly fruity caramel apple, so I would go for the Jalapeño. I’ve had jalapeño popcorn before, so I’d be curious to see how much better the Popcorn Factory makes it. Maybe I’d combine this with the cheese popcorn; it would taste like popcorn dipped in jalapeño cheese dip!

  11. I know my kids would love the caramel apple popcorn, cheese and of course “chocolate”..mmmm..I would love the chocolate too!! For adults, the Garlic Asiago, almond pecan, Buffalo Ranch and Jalapeno.

  12. The first one my whole family would want to try is Cinnamon. A favorite summertime treat is Cinnamon shaved ice, so I am sure they will LOVE Cinnamon popcorn. Next on the list will be Caramel Apple. That just sounds really good to me and again a treat for the kids. A flavor I would love to see is something similar to that-Candy apple. It would be a combination of your cinnamon and your apple having a similar taste to Mom’s homemade spiced apple cider. As for kids favorites, mine seem to lean towards the fruity or sweet flavors. Passion fruit would probably be a hit. They would love to see a tutti fruity that would be a combination of colors and fruit flavors-almost like eating fruit loops. The adults would probably lean towards the more traditional flavors such as kettle corn, caramel corn, and cheese. However I stand by my prediction that both young and old will love the Cinnamon. But seriously, how could you go wrong with any of the Popcorn Factory Flavors?

  13. I would love to try caramel apple that sounds so yummy!! Not to sure about jalapeño but I’m sure my dad would love it. I know my kids would love anything with chocolate!!

  14. I would like to try the Chocolate and Almond Pecan Popcorns first. The ones I think the kids might not like are the Jalapeno Popcorn and the Garlic Asiago Popcorn. I think that all people like the Caramel Corn,White Cheddar Popcorn, and Butter Popcorn. I like the name Carmamel Apple Popcorn. That sounds like it would taste so good. It brings back memories when I was a kid and would get a Caramal Apple After I went Apple picking in the fall. I Love Gourmet Popcorn. I think your Popcorn is the best I have ever had.

  15. As my husband and I snack through our Popcorn Factory 3 way tin I notice that although all three are delicious, he eats more of the butter popcorn and I eat more of the cheese popcorn. The caramel popcorn is coming in a close third. The nice thing about the caramel popcorn though is compared to the other two, it has far fewer crumbly bits.

    Of the 18 pack sampler it is hard to pick just one that I would want to try first. I think that I would choose the Garlic Asiago and the Buffalo Ranch to try first, but then would love to round it out with some Caramel Apple as well as the Cinnamon. I think that I would also like to try the Jalapeno flavored one too.

    I think that these flavors are all appealing to both adults and children. Maybe the sweet ones preferred by children and the savory potentially more by adults, but not exclusively so by either group.

  16. I would WANT to try them all at once – – but if I could only pick 1 or 2, I would have to try the Passion Fruit and the Carmel Apple. The Passion Fruit sounds interesting and the Caramel Apple sounds like it would be fantastic!!
    I will say that I would also eat any of the chocolate flavors, too!

  17. I would like almost all of these flavors. My favorites that I have tried, are white cheddar, cheddar, and butter. I would love to try some of the other flavors like almond pecan corn, chocolate, and caramel apple. I think kids would like the cheese and chocolate flavors. There is something for everybody in this box. I would want to try all the flavors. You don’t know what you would like until you try it. I’m sure they are all good because the come from The Popcorn Factory.

  18. I would love to try the Passion Fruit Popcorn or Caramel Apple Popcorn first! They sound delicious! My husband would try the Chocolate Popcorn because he loves everything chocolate!!

    I think kids would like the butter, white cheddar, and cheese flavors the best!

    As for adults I think they are more adventerous to try the garlic asiago, jalapeno, cinnamon, and almond pecan.

    I think this is a great sampler box to try out various flavors!! I would love to have a popcorn sampler party and invite people over to try out the popcorn factory’s popcorn flavors!!

  19. I would try the passion fruit first. My children would try the chocolate, caramel, and cheese first. That is their favorite. The caramel apple sounds like a must try for me as well. I just hope I win and I can try all the other flavors that we don’t usually order.

  20. I would love to try the kettle and buffalo ranch popcorn… I do love kettle corn and finding the right taste is important to me .

  21. While I love almost all the flavors of popcorn from the POPCORN FACTORY. I would like to try the passion fruit first. My husband would like to try the Garlic Asiago or the Buffalo. My son is a big fan of the Cinnamon and only wants to eat that one!!

  22. This looks really delicious! I’d definitely go for the jalapeno cheddar and the caramel apple first. I really prefer the savory flavors to the sweet ones, but I would be thrilled to try them all. I think my kids would go for the chocolate and the caramel first though. I can see how all flavors would appeal to adults, but I don’t think the kids would be as interested in the garlic asiago or the buffalo as much as the others. the least appealing to me is the passion fruit.

  23. I think I would like to try Cinnamon first then the caramel apple! Each of them sound tempting in there own different way. The kids would love to try passion fruit & chocolate! This is a great sample box it gives everyone a different taste to try.

  24. I would try the Carmel Apple first, then Almond Pecan,& chocolate. The Passion fruit sounds different too!

  25. I would try the Almond Pecan Corn first. I am sure the kids would like Caramel Apple Popcorn and the Chocolate Popcorn the most while adults would try the Jalapeno Popcorn and Garlic Asiago Popcorn.

  26. I love your popcorn sampler. My favorites are the almond pecan and cinammon! My kids love the chocolate popcorn and the kettle corn. We all love the butter and cheese popcorns! I would really like to try the Garlic Asiago Popcorn and the Passion Fruit Popcorn. Those sound interesting. I would like to see the Peanut Brittle Popcorn become available all the time. :)

  27. I want to try the green apple I saw in the seasonal flavors. It sounds interesting & different. The caramel apple or the chocolate would probably be my favorites though. I think most kids would not like the Jalepeno because it would be too spicy so that would most likely be an adult oriented flavor.

    ( I hope this goes through. When I tried the 1st time I got the message that I was posting comments too quickly & to slow down! Funny because it was the only thing I ever posted here).

  28. I would love chocolate,cheddar,butter, carmel apple and anything sweet. I don’t care for spicy personally but my husband and kids would LOVE the buffalo ranch. This is making me hungry.

  29. I guess that would depend on what time of the month it is:) Sometimes I crave salty other times I can’t get enough sweet. They all sound wonderful! I have had the cheese and butter and I LOVE them! Since today is my Bday I am hoping someone orders me one or I am lucky enough to win!

  30. i would love to try the White Cheddar Popcorn,yum sounds delicious..i think adults would love Jalapeno Popcorn but not sure kids would..but i think Caramel Corn is a crowd pleaser

  31. Hmmmm…Caramel Apple would totally satisfy sweet tooth, and when I’m in the mood for something salty, the Garlic Asiago sounds awesome!

    As for kids vs. adults, the White Cheddar and also the Chocolate sound like they’d be perfect, adults would probably love the Buffalo Ranch and/or Almond Pecan. They all sound delicious!!

  32. Yummy they all sound yummy to me, I remember going to a place in the mall called Karmal Korn I believe and they had this bacon cheese popcorn that was yummy. This would be great to share with my friends!

  33. I’d have to start with the spiy Jalapeno Popcorn, then work through the stronger flavors of Buffalo Ranch and Garlic Asiago…before moving on to finish with the sweet flavors.
    I love that this sampler has a little of everything for people to sample. It really offers the best of all flavor combinatsions to suit all different preferences!

  34. This is an awesome sample box filled with such a good variety of flavors!! i would have to 1st try the cinnamone and move onto the caramel apple..I’m sure i’ll be fighting with a few around the house. My husband i think would like buffalo ranch and jalapeno flavors..the kids would enjoy cheese and of course chocolate!! What a great way to bring everyone together even if we’re all reaching over each to grab their favorite flavor… :)

  35. Wow My favorite popcorn is butter flavor or cheese but I’d like to try the cinnamon and the chocolate popcorn first. Some very creative flavors listed! Maybe someday I can get a review on my food blog. barb g. directorylanesuperstore(at)gmail.com Love the cute containers.

  36. I am a popcorn girl. I LOVE popcorn! As for me I think these would be interesting flavors for adults. A new spin on popcorn and movie night:
    Garlic Asiago Popcorn
    Buffalo Ranch Popcorn
    White Cheddar Popcorn

    As for the kids, I can imagine a sweet tooth and their favorites being:
    Caramel Corn
    Chocolate Popcorn
    Passion Fruit Popcorn

    Of course the regular flavored would always be great too!
    Caramel Apple Popcorn.

  37. I would try the Garlic Asiago Popcorn first. Kettle corn sounds really good too. I would think adults would gravitate more towards the savory flavors, but maybe the chocolate too. Kids probably wouldn’t like the jalapeno. My 6 year old granddaughter would probably like the Buffalo Ranch, but I wouldn’t. So, go figure.

  38. I personally love popcorn. However, I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to flavors. I love Kettle Corn, Cheese, Butter, Caramel, and White Cheddar best.

    I would definitely try the Buffalo Ranch, Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Caramel Apple though. They sound unique and tasty.

    Last on my list would be the Garlic Asiago (I’m not a fan of garlic), Almond Pecan (sounds too nutty), Jalapeno (I love jalapenos, but just don’t like the sound of it with popcorn), and Passionfruit (fruity and popcorn just don’t sound right together).

    I think that it could make for a really fun popcorn tasting party to have the flavor pack and see what everyone thought though. I’m sure some of the flavors would even surprise me.

    I don’t think there is much of a difference in my family between which flavors would appeal to adults vs children.

  39. GARLIC ASIAGO sounds divine! Yum! I wish I had a handful right now! Popcorn + chocolate = salty, sweet goodness! That would be second on my to- try list. The cheddar cheese is my current fave flavor. I am considering a gift to myself from myself of a big tin of just cheese :-). I am not a big fan of spicy hot snacks and I can’t get too excited about fruity popcorn (unless we could somehow make that count as a fruit serving- haha).

  40. I would love to try the caramel apple popcorn first. I love caramel corn and apples. The two tastes together would be heavenly. I think the garlic asiago would be yummy too!

  41. I would love to try the Butter Popcorn and White Cheddar Popcorn. I know, I know, what you’re thinking, “That lady is soooo boring.” But I will tell you that I am thrifty and I hate to waste, so I know I would like those flavors and that they would not go to waste. In fact, I know I would like them so much I’m sure I would order them after I tried the free ones if I won! :)

    I do, however, love cheese and garlic though. So if I were to go out on a limb and live a little dangerously I would definitely like to try the Garlic Asiago!

    I think children and adults would like all flavors about the same because both children and adults I think would like all flavors although the children would probably prefer the sweet flavors over the savory ones.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win these delightful flavors!

  42. I would LOVE to try the Garlic Asiago Popcorn, Almond Pecan Corn, Cheese Popcorn, Butter Popcorn, Buffalo Ranch Popcorn, Caramel Corn, White Cheddar Popcorn, Cinnamon Corn, Chocolate Popcorn,and Caramel Apple Popcorn. They sound the best to me…esp. cheese popcorn. I am a sucker for it! I think the Garlic Asiago Popcorn, Almond Pecan Corn, Jalapeno Popcorn, Kettle Corn, Cheese Popcorn, Butter Popcorn, Buffalo Ranch Popcorn, Caramel Corn, White Cheddar Popcorn, Cinnamon Corn, Chocolate Popcorn, Passion Fruit Popcorn and Caramel Apple Popcorn would all be great for adults, but kids would probably lean towards the sweeter varieties like the Kettle Corn, Cheese Popcorn, Butter Popcorn, Caramel Corn, White Cheddar Popcorn, Cinnamon Corn, Chocolate Popcorn, Passion Fruit Popcorn and Caramel Apple Popcorn. Yum!

  43. Almond pecan corn sounds like a winner as do the carmel but then I would be cheating if I did not say I like the chocolate popcorn and the regular butter you flavors are new, unique and exciting and whether I will the contest or not I am going to be ordering some new flavors for my family to taste and enjoy
    All the popcorn factory types are delicious and would not expect anything left as you stand for quality and happiness.

  44. wow, that’s more popcorn flavors than I’ve ever tried (or imagined! Lol)

    I’d love to try (give or take in this order): kettle corn, buffalo ranch popcorn, caramel apple popcorn, almond pecan popcorn, passion fruit popcorn, white cheddar popcorn, jalapeno popcorn, caramel corn, butter popcorn, cinnamon corn, chocolate popcorn, and finally the garlic asiago popcorn (mostly because I’m not a garlic fan).

    All the flavors would be great for adults and kids, except garlic asiago (don’t think lots of kids like garlic… ok, maybe a little biased against garlic). 😉 Overall, common favorite flavors would be caramel corn, butter popcorn, and white cheddar popcorn.

  45. I just love popcorn. One time I decided I would eat nothing but popcorn for a week, and I succeeded. My favorite is ordinary butter, but I do like to add a little spice to my life so I would be up for some jalapeño…or caramel apple…ok just send me one of each!!! I LOVE POPCORN!

  46. They all sound really good but I would have to say I would like to try the caramel corn, the chocolate popcorn, the almond pecan corn sounds awesome and the cheese popcorn.

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