College Popcorn Blog Party. 3 Prizes!

College Hang In There Popcorn Snack Tin

College Hang In There Popcorn Snack Tin

Welcome to The Popcorn Factory College Popcorn Blog Party!

If you’re in college and you are reading this blog post, you should be studying. But while you’re here, we have something for your break (that’s what you’re doing right, taking a break from studying? Nod yes for your parents). What goes with studying. Snacking right?

So in about a paragraph or two, tell us how you feel about popcorn as a snack while you study. Also, tell us about how many breaks you take while studying (or if you’re the parent how many you think they take) and how often does that break include spinning your chair around and turning on the t.v. (yes, we remember that all too clearly from college too!) Oh sorry, that just dated us. We mean spinning around in your chair and alt-tabbing to Netflix.

We’ll pick 3 random winners and send them that nice beautiful tin of popcorn goodness you see above. It’s called the “College Hang In There Deluxe Snack Tin“. You see that frog on the tin. That’s you. No you don’t look like a frog. We’re not that mean. But the frog is ‘hanging in there’ just like you at college. We know the studying is tough and keeping focused is always a challenge (specially with all the distractions), but remember that there’s a lot of other students in the same boat and just give it your best. You’ll make it through to the other side. Oh and if you’re one of the lucky winners, we would love to see how you use the tin in your dorm/apartment afterwards, whether that’s putting it in the corner and shooting a basketball into it or storing a bunch of supplies that you have stuffed into that way-too-tiny dorm room closet.

Ok so go ahead and give about a paragrah or two on the topic mentioned above  and we’ll pick 3 random winners. (Yes, that’s all we ask for. No crazy long form asking for every bit of information about you. And the only reason we need your email address when you submit your comment is in case you win that beatifully delicious tin of popcorn you see above.)

Winner Status:

Surprise “1st Post” Winner) Katy Stahlman (Post on May 4th, 2011 @ 11:07 am)

Winner #1) Fred (Post on May 6th, 2011 @ 10:48 am)

Winner #2) Max Ferg (Post on May 5th, 2011 @ 7:01 am)

Winner #3) Kari Domiter (Post on May 5th, 2011 @ 11:19 am)

540 thoughts on “College Popcorn Blog Party. 3 Prizes!

  1. My sister who is in college loves popcorn. When she is suposed to be studying I see her on facebook alot. That must be her breaks. Popcorn is great because its easy to pop into your mouth and u can eat any flavor u want.

  2. popcorn is great as a snack. you cant go wrong. it brings the dorm together, and everyone wants some. its great for everyone and what else could be better.

  3. As a college student in my 4th year I know all about studying, exams, and snacking. My all time favorite snack is popcorn of any flavor/variety. It satisfies your craving for the salty or sweet stuff without leaving an oily greasy aftertaste in your mouth. I also love it because when you buy it in a tin it keeps fresh forever!(even though i enjoy it just as much stale. Weird, right?)
    My parents always send me a popcorn tin for the holidays and its perfect because it gets me through exam time. I can grab a snack and keep cramming without having to run to the kitchen and turn on the microwave. Plus, the tin works great as a night stand or a book shelf(when its still full). After I eat it all, which doesn’t take very long, i used the empty tins to disguise all of my hair/makeup supplies.

  4. My son is in college, his first year away from home and in an apt. I miss him!! He is doing well and studying hard, at least that is what he tells me!! He does enjoy Popcorn Factory treats and would really enjoy this!!!

  5. I’m in college, but doing online classes. I am always procrastinating. I wait until the last possible minute to get things done and always make excuses to take “breaks.”

    A Popcorn Factory popcorn tin is awesome because it is an instantaneous treat that doesn’t take too long to eat. I can grab a handful and get back to studying. It also leaves me time to check facebook or check out my favorite websites since I don’t have to take the time to actually make food.

  6. My son who will starting classes in Knoxville TN next month and he sure will be needing this. Finally has left the nest at the tender age of 24 (lol) He loves popcorn probably more than his Mom. He doesn’t have to cook it, it is much more healthier than pizza and would tear into it immediately.

  7. I think popcorn as a snack studying is fantastic..Or in fact popcorn is a great snack for just about anything you are doing (watching t.v / playing games)
    I think it depends how long you study for is how many breaks you take and for how long.

  8. Kids of all ages love popcorn, not to mention the adults. Any college student would eat it up and share with all friends. It will be gone in NO SNAP

  9. My son is only two weeks away from graduating college…he calls me last week with a flat tire, went to change it and the spare was flat! The next morning he goes to get the tire fixed and his anti-freeze line is broken. So now instead of studying, he is having to do alot of walking to get to the school from the apartment and to get food to eat….speaking of, he just posted on facebook yesterday that after walking to McDonald’s and walking back, he goes to eat and lo and behold…no meat on his hamburgers!!! Poor thing, he could have used a bucket of popcorn right then. So I know he is having to take breaks from studying(not because he wants to), but to survive until we get there to help bring him home and get ready for Grad school even farther away!

  10. my hubby has gone back to school to study computer science. his classes require a lot of homework including computer work and paper work to be handed in. those long hours require brain food, and he cant’ eat anything very messy lest he foul up a computer or drip on something he has to hand in.

    popcorn is a wonderful snack because it’s filling, delicious, and not drippy or messy. he loves when I bring him a bowl or bag so he doesn’t have to stop the studying just because he’s a little munchy.

  11. My son is in his first year of college and living with three other boys. With four boys, there is never enough food or snacks around. This popcorn gift would really brighten up their day!

  12. I think popcorn is amazing. It was always used as a treat when I was little, instead of getting ice cream I got popcorn.

    Popcorn is great as a snack for studing because it’s easy to eat without getting a paper messy(I go to a college for art, so this is an important aspect. Especially if I spend more than 3 hours on a piece.) It’s also incredibly easy to make and take to class. A lot of the Professors don’t mind if the students bring popcorn to munch on, mainly because it lets off a delightful smell,and it’s hard to make a mess with popcorn. It’s the perfect food for college.

  13. We are a huge popcorn snacking family, always have some in the house! Great treat for lunch, snacks and watching movies.

  14. I love snacking on popcorn while doing my homework and housework. It makes me feel pleasure.

  15. I’m laughing right now because I actually am taking a break from studying Anatomy! Popcorn is a perfect snack for a study break or any other time because it gives you that salty and sweet all in a bite, especially different kinds of flavored popcorn. I try to take a break every two hours because if I don’t I’ll stop paying attention and my mind will wonder. This is popcorn snack tin is more than I could ask for out of a break lol.

  16. I have a study session every night and If I had a bucket of popcorn to pass around, I would the the topic in discussion. Bahahaha

  17. i’m TRYING to study, but the thought of crunching on some popcorn is keeping me from concentrating!! lol…..mmmmmm popcorn……

  18. I have a couple sons in college and they would enjoy a popcorn tin of snacks. It would help feed them during those late night study sessions.

  19. I remember while in college all the snacking that went on and popcorn was right there with all the junk food. I could use that memory again.

  20. Popcorn as a snack is ideal because it’s the perfect size to grab a handful and shove in your mouth while your busy staring at what your studying. The best thing is that it comes in so many flavors, that I never get bored. You have your salty and sweet and candy flavors and buttery flavors. It’s awesome!! I love popcorn in general, so I don’t care what the flavor, it’ll fill me up as I’m hitting the books…
    I tend to break often enough because after awhile, I lose focus. I’ve jumped on facebook or gazed at the tv. Then I realize that isn’t always good and I just walk away for awhile and get some air. I eventually get back to what I’m studying and the cycle begins once more.

  21. I think popcorn is perfect for the college student. Not too messy and easy to clean up. Especially if your the one cleaning it up for the college student. I know this bucket of snacks is going to make any student smile.

  22. This is my first year in college and my first year away from home. In highschool I never had to study for finals it all just came to me… But now as a pre med student I’ve learned if I don’t study I will get a D which isn’t good since some professors only have your grade depend on exams.
    I’ve always enjoyed popcorn of any flavor since I was young. At christmas my mom would always buy tins full of three different kinds of popcorn and within a day it would be gone. Every night I’d come home and have popcorn with my family and now I have to enjoy popcorn every night while studying alone. So winning this popcorn would help me get through finals and all my studying and home to my family, for the summer…

  23. I’ll be heading to college soon and I know that this is the best snack to have around. Popcorn of all flavors and a great bucket of snacks as well. I’m your huckleberry. send them and I will share

  24. Popcorn is an awesome delicious study snack. It does require a napkin, but is mmm mmm good. It kills the hunger pains and allows me to keep studying. I try to get all my studying for the day done before turning on the tv. Well except for when I have dinner and watch tv. I also find baseball on tv is good background noise/entertainment while studying :)

  25. I love to snack on popcorn because it is a easy and fun snack to eat while studying. Listening to music while studying keeps me focused!

  26. I’m on a diet and popcorn is a light snack. Also, I study nightly and that’s when I have a snack attack. I would rather snack on popcorn than the other snacks I have.

  27. I’m studying to be a dietitian and popcorn is on my list of small snacks to curve the appetite. I will chew slowly and sparingly.

  28. My son is starting college, and I would love to get this for him! He is attending a very expensive college, so he needs to study hard and get good grades! What better way to that than with the light, fluffy, crunchy, munchy, delicious popcorn!!
    Popcorn is food for the brain!

  29. I’m studying Accounting in hopes of working for The Popcorn Factory after I graduate. I figure then I can combine the best of both worlds, my love of numbers and my O.C.D. obsession for popcorn.

    So, as I was studying this week, I have to admit my mind was wandering thinking of the perfect salty and savory combo I love. I would have to refocus my efforts to keep my eye on the prize. My short term goal = A big crunchy handful of The Popcorn Factory’s cheese popcorn. Long term goal = working and munching with The Popcorn Factory. Wish me luck!

  30. Oh my goodness I procrastinate a ton and I have a four year old. But there are lots of breaks in betweent studying like dishes, cooking, cleaning. And then there’s always the no motivation days or breaks when its time to grab a snack and I have to say popcorn is always in the top five picks. Its easy to grab for and no mess and of course my son loves it when I share.

  31. I am not a college student but I am a high school student. I have lots of finals and would love a tin full of munchies to share with my friends while we study!! I love popcorn and all food in general!! Pick me!!

  32. While “studying” snacking is essential for energy, popcorn is the absolute best type of snack for this very occasion! It’s yummy, no silverware or dishes needed, the awesome crucnh keeps you awake and its so very easy to access! While I am studying I generally take a break about every half hour….sometimes shorter shhh!
    Popcorn is top on my list of snacks and it comes in many flavors too! Variety!Which is also great for deep sleepy studying.

  33. Popcorn is the perfect studying snack. I keep it in the pantry and pop alot. I think the tin bucket is just right for these type of snacks. I could really use it for my snack time

  34. I’m studying machinery and would enjoy some popcorn. This is a great way to keep me occupied in my work with having a bucket to snack on.

  35. I am a college student in the middle of finals and could really use some free food! A tin full of popcorn and other munchies would be awesome!!!

  36. A Big tin full of popcorn and other goodies which is candy that I Love would be perfect for a college student because when all that work and projects start piling up outta nowhere you need the right kind of energy and motivation that I know all that will give me a big ol sugar rush to pull an all nighter!

  37. gotta love popcorn. its the best. you can grab a handful and still hit the books. no waiting 30 minutes for it to be delivered. great anytime of the day. if u have friends over its easy to share. great with coffee. great with milk or soda. great with adult drinks.

  38. I am a recent college grad but my fiance is still in college and we love popcorn. When she is studying we always take an hour break to grab some popcorn and watch a tv show. It helps her relax and I get my quality time with her.

  39. I have 2 students that absolutely love popcorn. It’s a fun and healthy snack for my kids and the tin container is very cute. I would be grateful if you chose me as one of your lucky winners.

  40. Fuel for the creative mind is cruciasl to writing papers in school.When I had to write my thersis paper the only thing that could keep my focus was having a steadu stream of good food and snacks. I am sure that this applies to most college students out there.
    What better snack than popcorn to fuel my creative fires.

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