Super Bowl Popcorn Party! Packers Vs. Steelers! 3 prizes!


Packers Vs. Steelers in Super Bowl XLV!

Packers Vs. Steelers in Super Bowl XLV!

Welcome to the 1st Annual The Popcorn Factory Super Bowl Popcorn Blog Party! It’s the Packers vs. Steelers and it’s Super Bowl XLIV (45)! 

The playoff were crazy this year! But after all that craziness, the two teams that remain on top of the hill to battle it out are the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburg Steelers! As we all know, historically, the Packers and the Steelers are not strangers to the Big Game. With 9 Super Bowl rings between them (yes, yes we know Steeler fans that you have 6 of those, but hey cmon the Lombardi Trophy…), the expectations are high for both teams.

So in about a paragraph or two, tell us about  your favorite memories of Super Bowls past and how you think this one will shake out. And of course tell us about how popcorn is the ultimate Super Bowl snack! There will be 3 winners and the winners will receive a Super Bowl commemorative tin that features either the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburg Steelers!

Winner Status:

Suprise “1st Poster” Winner: #1 Written By nikki ozan on January 31st, 2011 @ 3:45 pm

Winner #1: #23 Written By Kayla Skye on January 31st, 2011 @ 7:29 pm

Winner #2: #34 Written By crystal moyer on February 1st, 2011 @ 3:53 pm

Winner #3: #16 Written By Shakti Bulk on January 31st, 2011 @ 5:32 pm

Go Packers! Go Steelers! And Goooooooooo Popcorn!

157 thoughts on “Super Bowl Popcorn Party! Packers Vs. Steelers! 3 prizes!

  1. I cant wait till the game. I love football and I love popcorn even better. My favorite memories are when my friends would come over and cheer so loud that the neighbors would complain. good times. Go Pittsburg!!

  2. I remember the Packers winning the Superbowl in ’97. I was only 11 years old, but I watched it contently. I even won the Superbowl pool that night. Ever since then I have been waiting for the Packers to make it into the Superbowl. I can’t wait to watch them win and spend time with my family and friends with some popcorn!

  3. I think that the Steelers will win this game. They kick but at superbowl games and I’ve rooted for them always. Popcorn is the perfect superbowl snack because It’s gonna be everywhere and it’s easy to clean up. Send popcorn to my superbowl party. I thank you.

  4. I’ve been watching since I was little, my brother would tease me when they were 2-8 and always losing. Ha Ha look at him now, he’s a huge fan. You just can’t help it growing up in WI. Go Pack Go…. Green and Gold popcorn!

  5. I can’t wait for the game either. Go Steelers!!! 7 in 2011. There is a lot going on in the month with the Super Bowl happening and Justin Bieber.

  6. I love football! I love the Steelers!!! I can’t wait to see the Steelers win the superbowl for the 7th time!! I grew up a Steelers fan and hav watched them all. Popcorn will be a part of the munchies this year! GO S7EELERS!!!

  7. I have been looking forward to this Superbowl since 1997, the last time the Packers won the big game! I will never forget the Desmond Howard kickoff return from this game! I also enjoyed last years Superbowl, watching the Saints win thanks to an onside kick after halftime!! It is time for the Lombardi Trophy to return home!! I believe that this Superbowl will be one of the best ones yet! I think that Pack will dominate, like they have done the past 3 playoff games, and come out victorious!!

    I have worn the same apparel for these games. I have not changed my green and gold nailpolish since playoffs started, and I am watching the game with the same people that I have watched the playoff games with!! 😀 The Pack are going to bring it home! Having a Packer tin full of popcorn would complete our Super Bowl party! It is the perfect football food, we have it for every party! It is delicious and can be enjoyed through out the WHOLE game!! GO PACK GO!!!!

  8. I am a football fan but my teams not in the superbowl. We will be watching and rooting for Pittsburgh! Go Steelers! Go Popcorn Factory!! Send us some munchies for the big game!!!

  9. Love football and watching it with my mom who is a Steelers fan so Go Steelers! Go Popcorn Factory!!

  10. When I met my husband he appeared to be a calm, level-headed person – just the right person for me. However, it wasn’t too much longer after our first date that the big game happened. We were supposed to be going out on a date that Sunday, but instead when he came to pick me up, he, my dad, and my brother began watching the game instead. I wasn’t too disappointed. It was fun watching them have such a good time. Laugh if you will, but football brings people together! :)

  11. Let’s go Packers!! Looking forward to spending a nice superbowl weekend with the family!

  12. My favorite memory from a past Superbowl would have to be the infamous wardrobe malfuntion at Superbowl XXXVIII with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. It was in Houston, my home town. We were all taken by surprise, but thought it was hilarious. We were all making bets on how much the broadcasting company would have to pay as a result of this suprising incident.

    This years Superbowl should be an exciting game. Both teams are good teams,so the score should be close. I am cheering on the Steelers, and hope they win by at least 3 points. We are all divided on who will win, but as always, it will be exciting. As usual, our popcorn will be a part of the game. I think we will go with the Cheddar Cheese this year. That is everyone’s favorite.

  13. Looking forward to this superbowl its just 15 minutes away from my home.. Going to go and check out all of that’s happening with ESPN in sundance square.
    Go Steelers!!

  14. As a kid I used to love going out during Super Bowl Sunday during the game. All the roads would be completely empty and it was great for riding my bike around without having to worry about traffic. As I got older the game became slightly more interesting with the addition of betting into the mix. Just a nickel, dime, or quarter. At least then I had an interest in the outcome. As an adult, I will go to a SuperBowl party if anyone I know who likes football has one and invites me. If I go to one this year, I will support Green Bay Packers in support of the fans who wear giant wedges of foam cheese on their heads (Awesome!)

  15. I have two superbowls that stand out for me. The first one is 2004 Patroits vs. Panthers. My husband is a huge Patroits fan! They were here in Houston, and while we didn’t get to go to the game we did do everything else the football fantasy experience, and the concert with Sammy Hagar. We had a big superbowl party at our house and the Patroits was victorious and it was the first of three wins! The second one would be last year baby WHODAT!! My home team finally made it to the superbowl, that game was so good there was so much shouting and screaming and prayering and happyiness! It was and will always be my favorite SUPERBOWL! This superbowl, technically my season ended when the saints or the patroits didnt make it to the play offs but I’m going to be nice and watch it and I’m rooting for the STEELERS! I hope they pull it thru!!!!

  16. I remember last time Big Ben made his second run to the Super Bowl and led his team to another Super Bowl victory! The game between the Steelers and the Cardinals was a great one! It came down to the wire and Santonio Holmes was able to make the clutch, game-winning touchdown!
    I believe this Super Bowl will go in favor of the Steelers, as Big Ben has proven himself to be a winner, and because of the fact that he has the experience and he has weapons on offense to be reckoned with. The defense of Pittsburgh is amazing too and will once again, help Pittsburgh win another Super Bowl! I would also like to say how amazing popcorn is to have as a snack when you’re watching a great event/game like the Super Bowl! Nothing can replace any snack for popcorn!

  17. There’s something about a Superbowl Party, our team isn’t in it either this year, but some of my best memories of Superbowl parties were when our team wasn’t in it. That may sound strange but everyone seems to enjoy each other and the food at Superbowl parties more when they’re not concentrating so much on the game. It’s just the perfect time for a gathering, crisp air, some of us have cabin fever, friends coming together and great food…oh yeah the game too! :) My best memories of Superbowl Sunday are of our friends coming over, everyone bringing their favorite dish or snack to share….and yes cheddar popcorn is a staple. We’ve often made caramel popcorn balls in the shape of footballs to give out as party favors! We place them in cellophane bags and tie with the ribbons in the teams colors.

    I’m not sure how the game is going to turn out, as long as both teams give their all and no one gets hurt, it will be awesome!

  18. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Popcorn Factory popcorn is awesome and would be a perfect snack for eating while watching the game or for eating while not paying attention to the game as well!

  19. This is great. I’m going to a superbowl party and I would love to take the Pittsburg popcorn tin along with me. The people throwing the party have been doing this for 3 years now and they are thinking that the Packers are gonna win…. They are so crazy. This is going to be a great big party and you can make it better. Send me some popcorn and when the steelers kick but, think of me.

  20. Go Pittsburg. I’m a fan of football because my mother got me into it. I love popcorn and hope to be your winner. I will share it all with my family and give the tin to my mother who also loves Pittsburg. Thanks

  21. my faVE game was when I was younger and the skins played. I think popcorn is the ultimate snack because it is easy, tasty, and everyone loves it. You can put it out and no more prep and it just stays good tasting all day long! Please pick me for some popcorn fun! I’d pick the Steelers, but prefer the Ravens :)

  22. I’m quite sure that the Pittsburg Steelers will win this Superbowl, just as they have done many times in the past. I’m as sure of this as I am that I want to be your popcorn winner. I dont need a superbowl to appreciate a good tasty snack.

  23. favorite football tradition… going to sister-in-laws and listening to her freak out over the Superbowl. Also, she enjoys the commercials too. Those are the highlights of our superbowl weekend. It would be nice to enjoy some popcorn.

  24. I could really enjoy some popcorn right now. I’m actually getting our wreck room put together for Superbowl Sunday. We are gonna raise the room when the Packers kick but. I also love their colors.

  25. In the past, I used to attend SuperBowl parties just for socializing and eating. Now, I am into the game, along with socializing and eating. My problem now is I like to pull for the Steelers and the Packers. So,as you can tell, I’m in a predicament…hmmmmm, do you guess they’d just let the SuperBowl end in a tie? lol I do have a gut feeling the Packers are going to win though.

    Popcorn is the supreme SuperBowl snack because it is a light, fun and tasty snack that pairs well with many different drinks and can be eaten without having to take your eyes off the big game!

  26. ok my most fav superbowl memories is when the 49ers won haha my newest fav memories is when i cheered on the steelers for there 6th superbowl win and last year was alot of fun i threw a huge party to cheer on the saints and they won!! so much fun cant wait to watch the steelers win it this year!

  27. My favorite Superbowl memory was when the Giants beat the Patriots a few years back. That was one game where I was jumping up ad down screaming at the tv and just hooting and hollering up a storm with my football buddy Danielle. Us girls can get going when we get all excited! This year I am hoping the Packers pull it off though! I really like their quarterback Aaron Rodgers, so we shall see though…and of course it wouldn’t be football if I wasn’t able to watch it with my popcorn (huge grin!) So Lets Go Packers! Woohoo!

  28. My favorite memories of Super Bowls past are definitely the commercials. Last year the Betty white snickers won was my fave because its great to see how much she has grown and changed since her times on the Golden Girls & the Golden Palace-yes I’m that old LOL! 😀

    Popcorn is the perfect game day snack for me because it makes great visual aids for play by play recaps & there are so many fun uses for it My personal game day fave is dying popcorn my fave Super Bowl teams colors & making a popcorn necklace w/ it!

  29. some of my favorite memories of SuperBowls past are any games the Steelers were in! Also, I love to watch the commercials with my family…Sooooooo hilarious!!!
    The Steelers are definitely gonna take this one!
    Popcorn is by far the best SuperBowl snack. However, it has to be POPCORN FACTORY popcorn! That way, everyone gets to have their own favorite flavor. It’s delicious, no fuss, easy clean-up, and fun to throw around! haha!

  30. I am not a big football fan but my husband is, he loves the packers..And sometimes i watch the game with him but only if i have some popcorn to enjoy it with..

  31. Super Bowl XXII has to be my most memorable. My daughter was born that day. We’ll both be watching this year with a big bowl of popcorn as the Stealers make it 7!! Get the Terrible Towels ready!

  32. I cannot wait for this years game!!! I am a HUGE Steelers fan now that i live close!!! I actually was at a Super Bowl in Detroit in 2006 to see the Steelers WIN!!!! It was an awesome game!!!! I so wish i could be there in person this year to see them win it all again!!! But i will have my Popcorn factory tin ready to munch on during the game!!!

  33. My brother would always have a superbowl party and thats my time to enjoy the free food. LOL Pittsburg kicks but

  34. I miss having superbowl parties since moving out of my fathers house but we will be popping popcorn regardless.

  35. My house always rocks with loud people and lots of beer and popcorn.. and food. It will be the same on Sunday.
    go Steelers.

  36. I want to start my own traditions with superbowls so bring on the popcorn and soda

  37. I love the super bowl, always have. Even thou my team isn’t there I still have to rut for Packers, or my brother would disown me totally. LOL He lives for the Packers. I love to watch the game but I am so love to watch the commercials. Over the years the commercials are not as good as they use to be.
    We have a party at our house with just me, my husband and our 7 year old daughter. This year we are doing Asian Meatball sandwiches and of course cheesy popcorn. Can’t have a super bowl with out that big bowl of buttery popcorn. My daughter would be so disappointed with out it LOL

  38. I use to watch the game with my dad every year in Pittsburgh. I would make all of the goodies to eat and finish just in time to be able to sit back and relax. There was always popcorn somewhere in the mix. Ahhh…good times! Now that I live so far away I usually have a small gathering at my house and call my dad on the phone between plays/quarters.

    I am going for the PITTSBURGH STEELERS! This is our 8th trip to the big dance, already taking home 6 of those shiny trophies. This will just be another to add to our collection. 7th Heaven in 2011!! GO STEELERS!!!

  39. love superbowls- for the fun, for the people gathering and for the commercials. It is fun to be together and yell at the tv for a few hours. Popcorn is great- easy to clean up– easy to eat… good for you

  40. I would have to say that my biggest superbowl memory is when the Bears won the Superbowl! My ex-husband kept telling everyone that if they won that he was going to dance naked in our front yard. I didn’t believe him and neither did they, well the Bears won and guess who danced naked in the front yard!!!!! I couldn’t believe it and neither could the rest of the party but when your a Bears fan your a true Bears fan what can I say!! I think the popcorn and beer were running a little to freely that day! All in all it was a fun day but did end kind of quickly after that!!!!!

  41. I would have to say the most exciting superbowl was the one in Houston. Not only was the game exciting, but all the parties preceeding the game, and all the promotions run in Houston prior to the game was awesome. I won a plasma tv. Then there was the problem with Janet Jackson’s dress being torn while singing during the half-time show. My brother spilt the popcorn and his beverage all over the place. Good thing it was just a bowl of popcorn, and not the whole tin. We had to clean up the place afterwards, but we had a great time and many laughs. This year, with two great teams, both with a history at the superbowl, it should be a close score. I think the Greenbay Packers will win by at least 10 points. GO PACKERS.

  42. I’m a die hard football fan and popcorn comes in second. I think the Superbowl calls for a tin of your good stuff.

  43. My favorite Superbowl was 2002! Patriots, baby! For the 1st time! I spent all season dancing around the living room, singing to my toddler “We’re going to the Super Bowl”. And after the championship game, looking at her & saying “We ARE going to the SuperBowl”! And my daughter looking back at me with a big smile on her face and saying “We are?!”. I had to explain that OUR TEAM was going, not me her & Daddy! I think the Steelers will win this year. (but the Pats’ll be back next year to take it all!)

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