The Ultimate College Care Package Party – 3 prizes!

College Popcorn Gift Basket

College Popcorn Gift Basket

Welcome to The Popcorn Factory Ultimate College Care Package Blog Party!

We want to know what you would consider to be the ultimate care package that a college student could receive. What would be in it?

So in about a paragraph or two, let us know what amazing contents would make up this ultimate care package. If you include popcorn as one of the contents, let us know what type of popcorn would fit best and why. Also don’t forget to mention what type of creative holder it would come in. Let your imagination run!

We will pick 3 random winners!

Winner Status:

Surprise “1st Post” Winner) Vanessa (Post on May 10th, 2011 @ 5:23 pm)

Winner #1) Antane (Post on May 10th, 2011 @ 6:36 pm)

Winner #2) Elvis Moya (Post on May 10th, 2011 @ 5:37 pm)

Winner #3) Kathy (Post on May 11th, 2011 @ 1:29 pm)

Go Popcorn! Go College!

233 thoughts on “The Ultimate College Care Package Party – 3 prizes!

  1. I would send a care package with candy and starbucks gift cards and gum :)

  2. I would include cheddar popcorn and/or caramel. How about a plastic football helmet container?

  3. i think cheddar popcorn would go best because everyone loves cheddar popcorn.i think the care package would be great in a backpack filled with all kinds of treats like popcorn :-) books,notebooks etc.

  4. I would sent some cd’s and some chocolate chip cookies, a jar of peanuts, a home town newspaper, his or her favorite book and of course some popcorn. yea.

  5. I misread the question re contents. I would also include breath mints, something chocolate, and cookies along with the popcorn and maybe a Sports Illustrated magazine.

  6. I would send a college student a basket full of pencils, pens, 5 hour energy, and chocolate! :)

  7. It has to have home made cookies for sure, anything to make them feel like home!

  8. Wow, I would LOVE to have had something like this when I was in college! It would HAVE to include chocolate and cheese popcorn!

  9. It looks like you have the major snacking groups covered there mostly, but I would definitely add chocolate covered pretzels or something else with chocolate. I like to mix up the sweet and salty. I would also include (as the picture shows) caramel and cheddar popcorns. they are the ultimate in popcorn flavors and are a must. The chocolate chip cookies look good, but maybe add in some jerkey or dried meat. college students are notorious for not getting proper nutrition. 😉

  10. best colllege package.. homemade cookies, card from my mom,misc personal items I ran out of. .Things she would think of that I needed snack foods she thought I would want and for sure came in handy. When I had my wisdom teeth out she sent tons of pudding, and jello down to college. it was the hit being I couldn’t eat much and soup. since she couldn’t come to help me out..

  11. I would sent some cd’s and some chocolate chip cookies, a jar of peanuts, a home town newspaper, his or her favorite book and of course some caramel popcorn and send it all in a 5 gallon bucket with easter grass in color. Now, that’s the ticket. We could spread some candies around the grass too.

  12. What are the things you think of when you think of a college student? Well I think of food, fun, and late nights. Having been a college student for 5 years myself (finally graduating this Friday!) I can tell you a few things that should be in the perfect care packages
    1) Popcorn factory popcorn (I personally would go with a bag of caramel corn
    2) A roll of quarters for that pesky laundry
    3) A energy drink or energy shot
    4) A new deck of cards
    5) A movie
    6) A giftcard to anywhere because we are always poor and hungry!
    7) Anything else you are willing to send, we are willing to take!

    The perfect container to send it in would be one of those Cubs popcorn factory tins. My favorite reuse of these tins are as storage containers and as trash cans!

  13. i would say the best collage care package would be made of cheddar popcorn from the popcorn factory of coarse, pizza, homemade cookies, and a case of pop..

  14. ohhh would love this!!! i would pack in some chocolate popcorn(for energy and ease of headaches),licorice,strawberry of course,couple of large choclate chip cookies,chips and some spicy salsa,peanuts or cashews,some hard candies to enjoy while studying,hot cocoa ,maybe even a pack of pencils and notecards.All piled up in a reuseable basket 😉
    alwaysatryin2 at

  15. my youngest sister is in college and the things she usually requests are beauty healthcare products and snacks. So I would probably put together a beauty/spa/girl night basket for her:
    A box of hair dye, nail polish, foot scrub, facial cream and slippers….as for food a classic triage of popcorn treats-caramel, cheese and plain. Chocolate is a must and maybe some relaxing herbal teas/mug.

    this was fun! thanks!

  16. Hey everyone at The Popcorn Factory…I think the best type of College Care Package would be a laundry basket filled with all types of dorm/apt living accessories. Items such as bath (embroidered initial towels, soap, Tylenol (to give a lau…gh), also laundry items such as detergent, fabric softener & hangers. A themed Snuggie for the school the grad will be going to would also be a nice touch, plus a tin of popcorn from the Popcorn Factory (the tin could also be themed for the college). Top it off with a giftcard from Bed Bath & Beyond ! Overall, this basket would be a big hit for any grad!!

  17. I would send
    #1 The newspaper from our city
    #2 A roll of quarters for the washing machine
    #3 A picture of his mama
    #4 A picture of his papa
    #5 A set of new bed sheets
    #6 Some Febreeze
    #7 A deck of cards
    #8 Sunglasses
    #9 A visa with $100 on it for extra spending
    and finally #10 is some cheesy Jalapeno popcorn.

  18. great basket would be filled with post its pens laundry soap Ramon noodles peanut butter a phone card and pc ink

  19. Thanks for doing these giveaways! I would say he ultimate care package for a college student would have toilet paper,quarters for laundry and street parking, multiple bags of The Popcorn Factory popcorn, earplugs for studying and sleeping and some redbull and chocolate :)

  20. I would use a wastebasket or bathroom caddy to put the items in. It would be popcorn (a spicy one would be good becuase chocolate might melt before they got to it lol), gum, a visa gc or one to a local joint, extra bath stuff (soap, deordant, razors),cookies and some socks. A little bit of everything

  21. some playing cards, some chocolate chip cookies, an alarm clock, an mp3 player, some hot rod magazines and some chocolate popcorn.

  22. I would add in a nice gift box marked for my cousin a box of hand sanitizer, some cheeze-its, some magazines, some peanuts, some cd’s and some caramel popcorn

  23. I always loved getting care packages when I was in college.If I were going to make or receive one, I would like it to have cheddar popcorn and popcorn salt. It would also have a paperback book, a music magazine, Swedish fish, a really good chocolate bar or two and a small bottle of a soothing essential oil like vanilla.

  24. I would use the cheddar , and caramel popcorn because every child loves that flavor. I would add some M&Ms,some breath mints or gum and a Redbox dvd rental. As for the containers I think for the girls I would use petty baskets so they could use them later in their dorm room for putting items in or for their beauty products in the bathroom. For the guys containers I would use a baseball, football, soccer ball designs.

  25. Oh yeah looks like you hit most of the sweet spots just add some chocolate drizzled caramel corn and a book store giftcard! Nothing like eating some tasty popcorn and reading a good book! Oh and keep the popcorn bowl with it and call it the “study buddy”!

  26. The care package would include popcorn, fresh chocolate chip cookies, pop tarts, trail mix, granola bars, Snickers Bars, beef jerky, energy drinks, bottled water and pop.

    It would be packed in a functional plastic container that they can use for storage that has a hinged lid…

  27. An ultimate car package would include:

    Popcorn Factory popcorn..cheese, butter and caramel (because these are my favorite)
    Chocolate covered pretzels
    Chocolate chip cookies
    Caramel Apple with all sorts of “stuff” on it
    Assorted beauty products (Im a girly girl)
    Assorted gift cards
    and of course…CASH…….

  28. I think care packages are a great way to send your love to your kid away at school. And they also maybe help them to make new friends by sharing the contents. I would include caramel corn b/c who doesn’t love that particular flavor – plus pretzels, M&Ms, and Twizzlers.

  29. IPAD, choc. covered pretzels, gummie bears, swedish fish, a few movies, 5 hour energy, extra butter popcorn, and some hangover meds……..

  30. First you always and I mean always start with something chocolate. Then you need the salty; pretzels, crackers and cheese popcorn because what is life without cheese popcorn? Then you need the chewy. A nice selection of sweet dried fruits that can take a cavity filling out of your teeth. Top it off with a scary movie and you have given a nice evening for a college kid and friends.

  31. A great care package would include snacks such as popcorn, licorice,pretzels, gummy bears, Junior Mints, soda/or other pick me up beverage, ramen noodles, mac and cheese. Some movies, some noise reducing head phones, and a gift card or pre-paid credit card. Pack in a toothbrush too :)

  32. Popcorn a sampling of hot, salty to sweet..”Cheddar, Jalapeno and and S’mores. Coffee/teas and some organic snacks like granola and fruit roll ups. Prepaid phone card and movie rental. All in a reusable recycled tote bag. :)

  33. The ultimate college care basket for me would definitely include a Papa John’s gift card for pizza, maybe a box that looks like a school notebook that opens and contains a bunch of candy like now-and-laters, junior mints, licorice, ect. Prepaid visa gift card to buy necessities, a gift card to Barnes and Nobel for books, and a little teddy bear! I would love that!

  34. All kinds of munchies including popcorn, chocolate, gum, pringles, nuts, twizzlers and lots of school supplies! Pens, markers, pencils,eyc!

  35. In college my mom would make the most amazing packages, complete with my favorite candy (jelly beans), new highlighters and some study break foods – my fav the kettle corn mix b/c the sweet and salty combo fit all the craving categories needed for brain food- and of course a wonderful note of encouragement and some floss to make sure I was keeping up good dental hygiene while away at school (and to get the popcorn out too)! The holder was usually a usps box, but for easter I got a cute bunny basket!

  36. it would have popcorn, money, beer, snacks, a maid (cause of cleaning) and more popcorn.

  37. A College Student has very few essentials that are needed to make them fake it to you make it. ONe of them being Popcorn, Movies, Stamina, and Licorice.A perfect care packages which includes the Caramel Apple Popcorn, Money, Cell Phone Minutes, Netflix Subscription and Red Bull.

  38. I think for my college kid, they would enjoy a few sentimental items. Perhaps a picture frame, a nice reusable water bottle, key chain light, bubble gum, a cash gift card. And then for the popcorn, I think the more interesting the better. So spicy like pepperjack, bubble gum or watermelon flavored and then cheddar. A few candy boxes to balance it out (chocolates like snicker bites or similar).

  39. Forgot to mention the creative holder, perhaps a personalized bucket that can double as a decorative trash bin afterwards or small enough to hold desktop items.

  40. I would include carmel and cheese popcorn for sure. Also you would want to include comfort things from home, like cans of food and candy that they like and nice fluffy towel, maybe a pre-paid visa card or some sort of gift card like pizza hut. all in a plastic container type of box with a lid so it can be multi-function.

  41. I would definitely make it a snack basket, full of popcorn of course, maybe in cheddar flavor, something spicy like jalapeno flavor, and some caramel popcorn for that sweet treat…I would also include chips, and some hard candy and gum. Some gift cards to local restaurants or a prepaid visa or mastercard would be good too! You also have to include something sentimental, like a pic or letters of family members to let the student know how proud you are of them! I would place all these items in a backpack that they would be able to use to take to class, so nothing gets wasted or takes up much space, since usually dorm rooms arent known for being large!

  42. I would make a snack basket of popcorn because it is a wonderful treat that helps you feel full, engery drinks when you need to stay up and gte a paper done, bubble gum to make your breath smell good when you forgot to brush your teeth. A gift card because you knwo you will need some money and a few movies!

  43. I would have loved one of these when I was in college. Late nights after the campus union hall was closed, unless you went off campus the only place to get snacks were from the vending machines. They didn’t always have what you wanted from the selections offered and since everyone would always hit them up they weren’t guaranteed to have anything at all. This would have definitely taken care of the late night munchies.

    My cousin is in college and I know she would love to have this, especially with the great array of goodies. Knowing her, she’d probably like the popcorn the best!

  44. Well the popcorn and treats are a given, but then I would also send some rolls of quarters for laundry, a gift card to the local drug store and supermarket (for food and toiletries), Starbucks card, chocolate covered espresso beans, and then a few random little things that would make the student laugh. I would generally try to stick to things that are edible though so the student wouldn’t end up with a bunch of useless clutter around.

  45. My college kids like to get movies, microwave popcorn, jerky, crackers, M&Ms and homemade cookies. In the winter I send them hot chocolate packages and depending on the holiday something holiday related so they can feel a little like home.

  46. My kids like a lot of things that remind them of home. So we make packages that have a lot of homemade items in them. Their favorite cookies, candies and we use popcorn in baggies for packing that way there is no wasted space in the box. We throw in notes or cards from siblings and sometimes a gift card to help with groceries.

  47. I’d send a mixture of caramel and cheddar popcorn because I like it mixed together. And, with some chocolate covered raisins for noshing while watching movies. Honey-roasted peanuts or a hot and spicy snack mix with nuts for study breaks. And, some type of drink. I think that would cover all the bases.

  48. I would put caramel and mixture of different other popcorns, then add some chocolate, cookies, gum, pens, notebooks, Do Not Disturb door hanger and calling card so they can call home (for more money of course).

    I would put everything in a their college team’s tin, or backpack or in box wrapped in their school’s wall hanging.

  49. My kids love to get food, of course, and money and lots of it!! Popcorn Factory munchies would really be appreciated!!

  50. This is a really awesome college gift basket. If I got something like this when I was in college I would have died and gone to heaven. It’s got a plethora of different food items. You’ve got the popcorn bowl as a base which is priceless. This bowl is reusable and can be used by the recipient for their entire life. Who knows, maybe it can become a family heirloom. Then you’ve got three (3) different types of popcorn (butter, cheese and caramel), chocolate chip cookies, jelly beans, red licorice and creamy foil wrapped chocolates. This basket looks pretty complete. The only other thing I can think of to put in it would be a can of red bull since college students are probably the biggest users of red bull.

  51. I think that the newspaper from home and some home made foods and snacks are great and don’t forget the cheezy popcorn. Also, some new pillows sound good too

  52. I would include 4 types of yummy popcorn: S’mores, white cheddar, cheddar and chocolate drizzled caramel. I would also inlcuded some chocolates, granola bars and giftcard to local restaurants/shopping. I would put it all in a moderate sized bowl that could be used for sharing popcorn or making microwaved mac and cheese or soup.

  53. 1. a laundry basket
    2. soap
    3. quarters
    4. a gift card for food
    5. popcorn factory popcorn
    6. soda, coffee and energy drinks
    7. if they are over 21 beer
    8. cookies (popcorn factory has some great ones)
    9. peanuts
    10 pens pencils and paper
    11. more popcorn
    12. money
    13. just some of everything.

    thats the best basket.

  54. The best college care packages consist of Popcorn, jelly belly beans, homemade cookies, and something cuddly that reminds you of home!

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