National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn DayHello Popcorn Fans!

Today is National Popcorn Day and we couldn’t be happier! We’ve been working hard to come up with some great new popcorn gifts that will make any popcorn lover POP with excitement.

It’s no secret that we love popcorn, but what we love more than popcorn is being able to share all of our delicious popcorn flavors and popcorn gifts with other fellow popcorn lovers. When you’re at The Popcorn Factory, popcorn is your life. Every day is National Popcorn Day for us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! We have our traditional favorite popcorn flavors like our natural butter popcorn, cheese popcorn made with real cheese, our secret recipe caramel popcorn (a real winner!), and our savory white cheddar popcorn, all ready to delight any lucky popcorn recipient.

What sets The Popcorn Factory apart from all the other popcorn makers out there is our ingenuity and daringness to go out there and create the perfect popcorn flavor perfect for any and all popcorn connoisseurs! Our jalapeno flavored popcorn has flavor that’s packed with a punch, but everyone who has ever tried it counts it among their favorite popcorn flavors. The buffalo ranch flavored popcorn is delightfully zingy and will leave you wanting more. There will never be another need for chips when you taste our cracked pepper flavored popcorn. And once you get to our savory ginger teriyaki flavored popcorn, it will be hard to find another snack you want other than our innovative popcorn flavors!

National Popcorn DayOf course, what kind of National Popcorn Day would it be without a delectable helping of some of our very best sweet popcorn creations? For chocolate lovers out there, try our decadent Drizzled Caramel Corn, made with our secret recipe caramel popcorn with chocolate generously drizzled over…it’s positively sinful. Our s’mores popcorn is unparalleled in flavor and great ideas put to test. You’ll never want to go camping or sit around a fire without our s’mores popcorn at your side. Have we mentioned that The Popcorn Factory’s kettle corn is the best around? We use old-fashioned copper kettles to give it that perfect, uncompromising taste that made it one of the most popular popcorn flavors to begin with! Our newer dark chocolate and sea salt popcorn is basically the stuff all popcorn dreams are made of. Taking our secret recipe caramel popcorn and covering it with dark chocolate and a helpful sprinkle of gourmet sea salt, it becomes the perfect combination of sweet and savory and everything you’ve been looking for in the perfect popcorn flavor. There’s something especially sweet about our peanut brittle popcorn. Sure it’s rich and buttery taste, mixed with a candy crunch is completely irresistible, but what makes it even sweeter is that it’s a Popcorn Factory family special recipe. A premium treat in itself, our almond pecan popcorn is a real prize for any popcorn enthusiast. Combining our favorite secret recipe caramel popcorn and an array of almonds and pecans, this popcorn flavor perfects a sweet and buttery taste. We could never forget about our red-hot and delicious cinnamon popcorn flavor, and neither will you after you’ve tried it!

The Popcorn Factory has been the leading popcorn innovators for the last 30 years. We live, eat, and breathe popcorn. When we create our new popcorn flavors, we do it for all the other popcorn lovers out there, and especially for those who don’t know that they’re popcorn lovers yet! Celebrate National Popcorn Day with us deliciously and try out on the best popcorn flavors that anyone has to offer. We know you’ll find your favorite and will continue on our journey with us to find the perfect popcorn treat!

Happy National Popcorn Day, everyone! Enjoy Deliciously.