Gourmet Popcorn Party (3 prizes!)

The Popcorn Factory - Popping for more than 30 years!

The Popcorn Factory - Popping for more than 30 years!

Gourmet Popcorn. It is such a great snack for so many different types of get togethers with friends and family. So the topic of this Gourmet Popcorn Party (with 3 prizes!) is well gourmet popcorn!  We want to know what you think about when you think about those 2 words together, gourmet & popcorn. What thoughts and images are conjured up in your head? At The Popcorn Factory, we’ve been this for quite some time (as you can see from the graphic on the left..) and we’ve loved every minute of it. We are passionate about popcorn. When we are in our actual Popcorn Factory (yes it’s not just a name, there an actual Popcorn Factory!), we love to brainstorm all the different possibilities for future popcorn flavors while always making sure that the quality of our gourmet popcorn is second to none.

So in about a paragraph or two, tell us about what you feel makes popcorn gourmet. How do you feel about the gourmet popcorn created by The Popcorn Factory?

We will pick 3 random winners!

Winner Status:

Surprise “1st Poster” Winner: #1 Written By Rick on February 4th, 2011 @ 6:52 pm

Winner #1)  #6 Written By Dawn on February 4th, 2011 @ 7:11 pm

Winner #2) #18 Written By Carmen Payton on February 5th, 2011 @ 6:53 am

Winner #3) #43 Written By meredith M on February 8th, 2011 @ 5:59 pm

Go Gourmet! Go Popcorn!

179 thoughts on “Gourmet Popcorn Party (3 prizes!)

  1. I love gourmet popcorn. I think its gourmet when it has tasty ingredients. Not just covered in a coating but actually has good seasoning. Its also above regular corn when theres not a bunch of old maids floating around. The popcorn factory makes great gourmet popcorn!

  2. Fresh quality ingredients, gorgeous packaging and containers, and mouth-watering flavors make popcorn “Gourmet” in my opinion. I love your cheddar, butter and chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn…all gourmet in every sense of the word! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. a variety of tasty, magnificent flavors is what makes popcorn ‘gourmet’. It also has to be fresh, fluffy, and not all unpopped kernels.
    Popcorn Factory popcorn has all that and more! Y’all should be listed in the dictionary under “Gourmet Popcorn”, with a picture of all your fabulous flavors!!

  4. For me it’s both the taste and the packaging. If both are great they make for great gifts to bring with you to a party. There is always going to be a lot of people that enjoy high quality popcorn. I like the popcorn flavors that have a bit of a kick to it myself.

  5. I love popcorn and yours is always the freshest, most tastiest. Its a huge treat when I get some & it never lasts long enough! To me gourmet means its fresh, crunchy, and comes in a variety of hard to resist flavors.

  6. I love the fact that there is now Gourmet Popcorn. I love to try new flavors and mix them together…love asiago and Jalapeno. I love to have new flavors and like that you can have salty and sweet together with kettle corn. That was actually my first addiction of a popcorn flavor many years ago. I love being able to have the option of flavor to suit my mood and many times I like to mix the flavors. Carmel always seems to mix well with the others when trying to combine the flavors. Just got in an order in a few weeks ago for the Peppermint Candy Corn. I have always been one to pop some popcorn then add what ever flavor to it that I am currently in the mood for. Sometimes I like to put fresh Parmesan on it, old bay, fresh grated cheese and I even put it in my tomato soup and eat it with my pudding. So to me GOURMET POPCORN is mixing the flavors I already like together to fit my mood and satisfy the sweet/savory/spicy cravings I have and thinking outside the box of just butter……though I love butter…I just love it spiced up a bit……

  7. I love all the flavors of gourmet popcorn you offer and would love to win some!! Pick me!!

  8. flavors that are tasty and delicious. Kernels that are large and firm, not soggy. The ability to taste it with all your senses. That is what makes gourmet popcorn!

  9. I think what makes a popcorn gourmet are the different flavors and taste combinations you get with the different flavors than you normally get with regular flavor popcorn. I love hearing about new flavors to try-especially savory and spicy flavors, like maybe a cheddar jalapeno. I love to try new flavors, and switch it up! It seems like there is always something new coming out, which I love!

  10. When I think Of Gourmet Popcorn The Smell Comes to my mind. When its Gourmet its the Freshes Popcorn out there. The Smell is so strong in a good way. When You Smell Gourmet you know what flavors that you are smelling. Also You get no unpoped curnels. Its The Best Tasteing Popcorn out there. I love your Popcorn.

  11. Popcorn factory has the best popcorn and such a huge variety of flavors!! We love it and enjoy it as often as we can!! Love your popcorn!!

  12. Gourmet Popcorn,
    When I think of Gourmet Popcorn I think of the freshest tasting & unique flavors for popcorn. Gorment Pocorn should arrive in a nice popcorn tin or container, to retain it’s feshness and taste. Popcorn Factory has the freshest and very unique flavors.

  13. To me, gourmet popcorn means popcorn made with the freshest ingredients. Such popcorn should stand out from the rest. Gourmet popcorn should come in quality packaging, and the company should stand behind (and be proud to sell) their product!

  14. To me Gourmet Popcorn is made of nothing but the finest and freshest ingredients making it taste & unique different from other popcorns, Gourmet Popcorn means that you can pick from new and different flavors of popcorn you cant get with everyday popcorn and it come from a company that stands behind the product and is proud to put their name on the product. How do I feel about Popcorn Factory Popcorn I love it, need I say more?? My favorite flavor from the popcorn factory is chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn loveit!!

  15. I love cheesy corn and yours is the best ! its crunchy,cheesy,and melty at the same time. There are never any unpopped kernals.You have a lovely assortment of flavors , many I have not yet tried..feeling hungry now…

  16. To me to be called “Gourmet Popcorn” you start with only fresh ingredients, with the finest kernals and the best quality flavors to make it unmistakeably unique from any other popcorn. When you open the container the aroma jumps out at you…and the taste…….heaven! That’s what The Popcorn Factory Represents to me. Only the best tasting popcorn will do! Ginger Teriyaki, Buffalo Ranch are on my list to try, but S’Mores, not that’s my favorite!

  17. What makes popcorn gourmet to me is the time, and effort spent selecting the right corn kernels to harvest as well as the oils used to cook and make popcorn. I also feel that gourmet popcorn has a more natural and less processed taste and flavor than other popcorns.

    I love the Popcorn created by the Popcorn factory. The creative tins they use to store their popcorn always makes eating popcorn a special treat. Not to mention they use the tastiest kernels to make their popcorn and the tins they use always keep the popcorn tasting and smelling fresh.

  18. To me its popcorn that has something more to it then just being freshly airpopped. It is popcorn that has a little something else, that leaves you wanting more and the variety of options that you can pick so that you never get sick of a certain flavor.

  19. What makes gourmet popcorn to me is when it is flavored but tastes fresh, delicious, and not chemically. We have been Popcorn Factory loyalists since my stepmom first introduced it to our family during the holidays at some time in the 80s. Popcorn factory always tastes fresh. I once bought a tin of some random popcorn at the grocery store during the Holidays. It was disgusting. It tasted rubbery and chemically and cheap. I ended up just dumping most of the tin as it wasn’t worth eating. I really learned that you get what you pay for. Gourmet may be a bit more expensive, but if popcorn is cheaper yet inedible, than what is the point.

  20. To me, the idea of gourmet popcorn means fresh corn, special varieties, and different flavors. I like the freshest, softest kernels & don’t like them drenched in artificial flavorings – just real butter & seasonings.

  21. To me gourmet means fresh and unique. It means that you can tell that the company has put in its time and resources to make sure that every batch comes out perfect and the exact same way as the previous batch. Gourmet popcorn should taste homemade and not like it is full of chemicals, dyes, and artificial flavors. The Popcorn Factory is the epitome of gourmet popcorn. I have never had a bad experience, each time we have eaten your popcorn has been full of fresh flavor to be savored and enjoyed by children of all ages. Thanks for a great product.

  22. Gourmet popcorn is elaborately prepared and created for people with a refined and discriminating palate. It is made with premium ingredients putting it in a category higher than standard popcorn. Gourmet popcorn is presented in a special manner and seasoned with perfection making it an exquisite everyday snack for a foodie.

  23. Gourmet popcorn is simply the BEST snack for enjoying things like the SUPERBOWL or the DAYTONA 500. It is also the BEST snack for cold SNOW DAYS. Gourmet popcorn is suitable for the car as well as for school. It makes you feel like you are having the greatest experience because you are eating it–seasoned perfection!

  24. Gourmet popcorn is popcorn made with love and premium ingredients! It is usually decadent, delicious, and highly satisfying! It is the perfect snack, in that it has amazing flavor options, a variety of toppings, high in fiber and good for you! You are a winner every time you snack on gourmet popcorn!

  25. Gourmet popcorn is crunchy and tasty, not soft and bland. It is made with special ingredients that make you feel special. When there are choices of flavorings everyone can have what they want! The best thing is that gourmet popcorn does not have to be a luxury, it can be an every day treat to make any day extraordinary.

  26. Gourmet popcorn has lots of bold flavor and made with fresh high quality ingredients. Sounds great!! Would love to win some!! Go Popcorn Factory!!!

  27. i think gourmet popcorn means unique flavors, fresh, and quality ingredients :0)
    your gourmet popcorn looks and sounds delicious..would love to win some to try.

  28. Gourmet and popcorn together mean excitement! I think of flavors that are rich and enticing and something you just can’t find in the grocery store!

  29. Gourmet popcorn to me means popcorn that melts in my mouth and stays fresh for a few days. Most microwave popcorns or other brands unlike yours are gross if you don’t eat them all the first day! My kids and I love The Popcorn Factory because getting something in the mail that’s a gift, always makes you feel good. We also love popcorn and that’s it a fairly healthy treat. The tins are great and you can reuse them. Gourmet popcorn is something that makes you happy!

  30. I think of gourmet as fancy foods that may or may not taste great. I’m hoping that gourmet popcorn is great popcorn. I don’t think I’ve ever had any and therefore would love to be one of your winners.

  31. Gourmet popcorn is when your popcorn has been upgraded to special. I also am gourmet… gourmet Hillary.. very special. Special people deserve special popcorn. I’m just saying..lol

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  33. gourmet popcorn…makes me think of phrase “you deserve only the best” or “Only the best will do”…”Only the finest things measure up”…”Popping luxury”…I have many more..can go on and on :)

  34. I would love some gourmet popcorn. I’m not sure what all makes it gourmet but it sounds pretty fancy and I’m hoping the fancy name helps the popcorn taste amazing. pick me…

  35. I love popcorn and would love to try yours. I dont know too much about gourmet but it sounds nice.

  36. I love all of Popcorn Factory’s popcorn! That said, I always think of Gourmet Popcorn as a choice of all different kinds of flavors, not just butter & salt. BIG FLUFFY popcorn that’s crunchy! And there’s nothing better than popcorn drizzled in chocolate…now THAT’s gourmet!

  37. i love popcorn and Gourmet popcorn is even better love the chedder and chocolate and cameral..everything about it is so tasty, i think you have to start with great ingredients to have a outstanding final product and popcorn factory does all that and more…i want some now …yummy…..also for a gourmet popcorn i think appearance is important, the packaging has to be just as great as the ingredient…honestly popcorn factory has it all….

  38. I would have to say it a special blend of different things added to popcorn and it makes popcorn oh so special!!

  39. I love popcorn! I feel it is made gourmet by high quality ingredients, unique flavor combos and of course great taste! I have received a gift of popcorn factory popcorn and it was a delight – it was definitely high quality and delicious, although i cannot report there was unique combos – from reviewing the site though there are a lot of choices

  40. When you mix in popcorn,caramel,chocolate or any other flavors that make the popcorn stand out to me it gourmet. I love popcorn factory popcorn and love the gourmet flavors even more!!

  41. When I think of the words gourmet and popcorn……well….I think of Gourmet Popcorn!! Your popcorn is what all other popcorn should be if they want to be gourmet!! You use the best quality ingredients. Your popcorn is always popped so that it is light and fluffy,and yet has that crunch that popcorn MUST have to be gourmet. The many different flavors of popcorn that you offer just adds another dimension to the “gourmet” aspect of popcorn!! I wish I could try every one of the flavors that you offer. Thanks for putting the “gourmet” into your popcorn!!

  42. Gourmet Popcorn:
    Words that come to mind,
    Firm, but not hard
    Soft, but not soggy.
    I love popcorn factory, I love the gift baskets, I love the specials, I love the variety, I love the freshness & flavors!!

  43. When I think of gourmet and popcorn, the idea that comes to mind is that of chocolate and popcorn. Not any old chocolate, but good, rich chocolate, lightly drizzled over perfectly popped fresh popcorn. Not making the corn soggy, but retaining the crispness of popcorn that is just right.

  44. gourmet popcorn…delicious!caramel popcorn and chocolate drizzled popcorn are the best!!!

  45. When I think of Gourmet Popcorn, I think first about the taste and texture of the plain popcorn before any ingredients are added to give it different flavors. When the dressed-down popcorn tastes good, then I know whatever is added to it is only going to make it that much better! So on to the different kinds of popcorn like buttered popcorn, caramel popcorn and cheese popcorn. When all of these different kinds exemplify the genuine taste of their names, then the resulting finished product becomes the ultimate Gourmet Popcorn.

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